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Additional Resources

A. References

Selection of references and other institutional resources that refer to The Forks briefly in the broader context or have relevant information:

1) Institutional Web sites and Addresses

City of Winnipeg Archives & Records Control Centre
380 William Avenue, Winnipeg R3A 0J1

City of Winnipeg Planning, Property and Development homepage:
This page has links to local heritage contacts and information on historic buildings.

City of Winnipeg Public Works homepage:
Searching “Forks” on this site will lead to reports, assessments, references, etc.

Forks National Historic Site of Canada, The
401-25 Forks Market Road, Winnipeg R3C 4S8

Heritage Winnipeg
509-63 Albert Street, Winnipeg R3B 1G4

Hudson’s Bay Company Archives
200 Vaughn Street, Winnipeg R3C 1T5

Library & Archives Canada
395 Wellington, Ottawa K1A 0N4

Manitoba Archaeological Society
438-167 Lombard Avenue, Box 1171, Winnipeg R3C 2Y4

Manitoba Heritage Network

Manitoba Historical Society
304-250 McDermot Avenue, Winnipeg R3B 0S5

Manitoba Museum, The
190 Rupert Avenue, Winnipeg R3B 0N2

Musée Saint-Boniface Museum, Le
494 Tache Avenue, Winnipeg R2H 2B2

Provincial Archives of Manitoba
200 Vaughn Street, Winnipeg R3C 1T5

Société historique de Saint-Boniface, La
340 Provencher Boulevard, Saint-Boniface R2H 0G7

Winnipeg Railway Museum, The
123 Main Street, Box 48, Winnipeg R3C 1A3


2) Selection of References

Artibise, Alan
1977 Winnipeg: An Illustrated History. James Lorimer & Co. Publishers, Toronto.

Bouchard, Allan
2002 Red River Cart Identification Booklet. The Forks National Historic Site Canada, Winnipeg. Booklet, interpretive (33pp.) (FNHSC)

Dafoe, Christopher
1998 Winnipeg: Heart of the Continent. Great Plains Publications Ltd., Winnipeg.

Friesen, Gerald
1984 The Canadian Prairies: A History. University of Toronto Press, Toronto. Monograph (FNHSC)

Gough, B. M. (editor)
1988 The Journal of Alexander Henry the Younger, 1799-1814, Vol. I. The Champlain Society, Toronto. Monograph (section with reference to The Forks pp. 20-23) (MM)

Goulet, George and Terry
2006 The Metis: Memorable Events and Memorable Personalities. Fab Job Inc: Calgary, AB. [Millennium Library]

Healy, W.J.
1970 Women of Red River 5th edition, Peguis Publishers: Winnipeg, MB. Originally printed in 1923. Contains births, events, and deaths of McDermot, Bannatyne, Logan and McQuade families, 1807-1879.

Hilderman Feir Witty and Associates
1980 Canada-Manitoba Agreement for Recreation and Conservation on the Red River Corridor: Draft Master Development Plan. Prepared fro A.R.C. Management Board, in association with Interdisciplinary Systems Limited and Interdisciplinary Engineering Company, Winnipeg. Planning document (361pp.) (FNHSC)

Huck, Barbara
2000 Exploring the Fur Trade Routes of North America. Heartland Associates Inc., Winnipeg. Monograph (FNHSC)

McCarthy, Martha
1987 Steamboats on the Rivers and Lakes of Manitoba 1859-96. Historic Resources Branch, Winnipeg. Monograph (FNHSC)

Michlovic, Michael G., Dean T. Sather and Donald P. Schwert
1999 Impact of the 1997 Flood on Archaeological Sites in the Red River Valley. Prepared for the State Historic Preservation Office, Minnesota Historical Society. Moorhead State University Archaeology Lab. CRM report (on file at MM) (73pp.)

Olson, Everett
2001 Red River Cart: Development and Usage. The Forks National Historic Site Canada, Winnipeg. Booklet, interpretive (8pp.) (FNHSC)

Pettipas, Leo
1996 Aboriginal Migrations: A History of Movements in Southern Manitoba. The Manitoba Museum, Winnipeg. (MM)

Selected Bibliography of the Red Assiniboine Rivers (from Netley Marsh to St. Agathe, from St. Francois-Xavier to The Forks). (PC)

Shilliday, Gregg (editor)
1993-1995 Manitoba 125: A History. 3 vols. Great Plains Publications, Ltd., Winnipeg. (FNHSC, MM)

Sprague, D.N. and R.P. Frye
1980 Manitoba’s Red River Settlement: Manuscript Sources for Economic and Demographic History. Archivaria Number 9 (Winter 1979-80):179-193.

Wells, Eric
1982 Winnipeg: Where the New West Begins. Windsor Publications Ltd., Burlington, Ontario.

B. Images

Several institutions have collections of slides and/or photographs and/or digital images:

1) The Forks-North Portage Partnership

a. Goodhand, Joyce (compiler)
1999 A Portfolio of Historic Illustrations Relating to The Forks, Volume I and II.

b. The John Boittiaux Collection
Photographs from the Boittiaux Family collection, long time residents and business owners on Notre Dame Street East.

c. The Buchanan Collection
A large series of railway era photographs, many from Winnipeg and area, from the collection of Mr. Barrie Buchanan, Lacombe, Alberta.

2) The Forks National Historic Site has several binders of topical images:

a. 1988 Photos: Development and Construction. Envelope of 11 photographs from summer/fall 1988.

b. 1988 The Forks: Progress Photos. Binder of ~ 70 photographs from 1988.

c. (n.d.) Gathering the Past: Archaeology at The Forks National Historic Site. Album (52pp.)

d. (n.d.) A Tour Through Time: The History of The Forks. Album (74pp.)

e. (n.d.) The Cultural Junction: Activities at The Forks National Historic Site. Album (42pp.)

3) The Manitoba Museum has several binders of photocopied images as well as binders of slides of artifacts that have been recovered, for example:

a. (n.d.) Canadian Parks Services Photographs (Photocopies): The Forks and Upper Fort Garry

b. Carter, Sarah
(n.d.) A Portfolio of Historic Illustrations Relating to The Forks, The Junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers to 1920. Prepared for The Forks Renewal Corporation, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Photocopies of photographs (300pp.)

4) Quaternary Consultants Ltd. has a large number of slides of artifacts and field excavations from Cultural Resource Management recoveries as well as the Public Archaeology Program at The Forks.

5) Western Canada Pictorial Index, University of Winnipeg, 515 Portage, Winnipeg R3B 2E9.

6) Provincial Archives of Manitoba, 200 Vaughn Street, Winnipeg R3C 1T5.