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The Forks, Manitoba Archaeological Quarterly

Priess, Peter J. and Sheila E. Bradford

This paper presents the results of Park Canada’s 1984 excavations at The Forks. The excavation recovered remains from: modern times (1950-1984), railway (1880-1950), pre-railway/post-Fort Gibraltar I (1826-1880), immediate post-Fort Gibraltar I (1826), Fort Gibraltar I (1810-1816) and pre-Fort Gibraltar I (pre1810). The layers analyzed include the Experimental Farm, 1826 flood, and several middens (ash-filled pits and a cribbed cellar). There was evidence of 9 to 10 prehistoric occupation levels (with three dates), pertaining possibly to Blackduck. There are a map and photographs.

Priess, Peter J. and Sheila E. Bradford. 1985. The Forks. Manitoba Archaeological Quarterly. 9(3): 31-43. [ Journal article (FNHSC, HRB, MM) ]

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