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Lithic Artifacts, Archaic Occupations at The Forks

Speidel, Paul

An analysis of the lithic artifacts recovered during the 1993 excavations is presented. Lithic tools and debitage are described in detail, with tool types listed and discussed individually. Lithic material types are listed, and the source areas are mapped. Unmodified lithic objects (e.g. non-cultural pebbles) and fire-cracked rock are itemized. A discussion of the lithic recoveries examine artifact clusters and their implications. Data are presented in tables and figures, and photographs of the lithic artifacts are included.

*see overall compilation for PDF: Kroker, Sid and Pam Goundry (compilers). 1994. Archaic Occupations at The Forks. Winnipeg: The Forks Public Archaeology Association. [ Research monograph (329pp)(FNHSC, TFNP pdf, HRB, MM, on file at PC) ]

Speidel, Paul. 1994. Lithic Artifacts. In Archaic Occupations at The Forks, 41-65. Winnipeg: The Forks Public Archaeology Association, compiled by Sid Kroker and Pam Goundry. [ Section in research monograph (FNHSC, TFNP pdf, HRB, MM, on file at PC) *See overall compilation for PDF ]

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