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Fabrics from Upper Fort Garry: Unusual Archaeological Evidence

Fifik, Gail

This thesis compares the economic value of fur-trade era textiles from Upper Fort Garry (DlLg-21) recovered from two privies (outhouses), of which at least one dates to the military occupation of the Sixth Regiment of Foot (1844-48), to contemporaneous materials from York Factory. A sample of 436 textile pieces (20%) was chosen from a large sample of 2,181 items, one of the largest samples recovered in Canada of a rarely surviving artifact category. Results found the privies to be similar in terms of economic value, fibre type and textile structure, to each other and the York Factory sample.

Fifik, Gail. 1986. Fabrics from Upper Fort Garry: Unusual Archaeological Evidence. Winnipeg: M.A. thesis, Department of Anthropology, University of Manitoba. [ Thesis (171pp)(UM) ]

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