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Culture Days Manitoba

Warming Huts 2014 | Forks Market Plaza
Each year, architects from around Manitoba and the world compete to have their design selected for construction of Warming Huts at The Forks. Revisit the amazing art, design and architecture of the renowned huts that act as shelter on the frozen river trail during the winter months at The Forks.

Cool Gardens
Intended to mirror the Warming Huts, the Cool Gardens is a public exhibition of contemporary garden and art installations offering a shift of sensation for the summer – cooling – as a general theme for public projects in the downtown, bringing architects, designers, landscape architects and artists together to celebrate contemporary garden culture and the local landscape. The presentation of 7 cutting edge garden designs places design culture at the center of summer activities in Winnipeg, while offering a pleasant relief from the summer heat. For more information, please visit

Honey Days | Forks Market, Centre Court
Cooking demonstrations by the Beekeeper's Association of Manitoba, honey competition, plus a fascinating display of bees behind glass for the public to admire and listen to them work.

Green Action Centre's Worm Wrangler and Bike Blender | Forks Market
Kids and adults of all ages are invited to meet Green Action Centre's "worm wrangler" at The Forks. Sink your hands into a vermi-composter where worms are hard at work turning kitchen waste into rich compost. Rethink the way we feed ourselves and power our lives by hopping on our bicycle-powered blender. We've teamed up with The Smoothie Bar to provide delicious bike-blended smoothie samples - stop by to enjoy!

Aboriginal School of Dance at The Forks | September 26 | 10:00am
Join the Aboriginal School of Dance for a fun and interactive presentation for young and old. Learn about the variety and beauty of Aboriginal Dance and let us teach you a few steps.

Graffiti Gallery's Artist Mash-Up | September 26 | 10:00am-2:00pm | Plaza at The Forks Skatepark
This event invites up to 8 artists to take part in a collaborative painting event. Each artist starts on a wooden panel or canvas and then passes it on to another artist for them to continue to create. This is all done while painting to live music. Onlookers can witness the artists' collaborative efforts come to life in just a few short hours.

Fair Trade Manitoba Information Booth | September 26 | 10:00am-2:00pm | Forks Market
MCIC is a coalition of Manitoba-based organizations involved in international development who are committed to: respect, empowerment and self-determination for all peoples, development that protects the world's environment and global understanding, cooperation and social justice. Fair Trade Manitoba works with retailers, consumers and organizations to spread the word about the benefits of fair trade and encourage its wider availability in Manitoba.

Collage Animation Workshop by Freeze Frame at The Forks | September 26 | 10:00am-2:00pm | Forks Market
Cut, paste, animate! Create your own stop motion animation with Freeze Frame Media Centre. Shoot your own animation and watch your characters come alive at The Forks. All creative types are welcome! 45 minute workshops. *Maximum of 25 students per workshop*. Please email Melissa Courcelles to register at 

Introduction to Raks Sharki (Bellydance) | September 26 | 5:30pm-6:30pm | Market Plaza
Learn the technique, listen to the music and get dancing. Join Zenobia for a fun filled hour as she introduces you to the wonderful world of bellydance followed by an awesome performance by Zenobia and her troupe Raks Nashida! Hip scarves will be available for all to try!

North End Jewish Folk Choir Performance at The Forks | September 27 | 11:00am | Forks Market
We celebrate our heritage by singing folk songs, traditional songs and songs of struggle in Yiddish, Hebrew, German, English and other languages.

Heartbeat City Performance at The Forks | September 27 | 12:00pm | Forks Market
Heartbeat City weaves a patchwork quilt of honest, stripped-down, city ballads that seem strangely comforting. From Ian's voice soaring above delicate chimes of guitar, to the subtle soothing strength of the tactful blend of rhythm and melody, they move listeners.

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