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Buskers Auditions

The Forks is a favourite haunt for buskers (street performers). Visitors will often find family entertainment at distinctively marked “Busk Stops” throughout the site and inside The Forks Market where their light-hearted entertainment adds to the special ambience.

Busk Stops were introduced at The Forks in 1992. Since then, thousands of visitors to the site have been treated to a delightful and eclectic mix of local and touring talent by entertainment from musicians, puppeteers and magicians to jugglers, stilt walkers and face painters.

An annual competition is held to select who will earn the privilege of holding a coveted Busk Pass. 

Traditionally the audience offers payment based on the level of enjoyment they’ve received from the performance. While we playfully suggest that entertainers be reimbursed for their talents, the performers are prohibited from suggesting an amount or requesting a contribution. The Busk Stop program has received international recognition and awards.

The next Busker's Auditions will take place in Spring of 2018. Check back for more information.

Buskers rules and regulations are located here.

For more information please call 204.942.6302 or email