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Welcome to Summertide

Celebrate creativity, art, architecture, music, wonder, theatre, dance, literature and whimsy from August 21 - September 4 at The Forks.

After the Rodeo: Dave Bidini and Luke Doucet on Print Media 
August 21 | 10:30 am – 11:30 am
Under the Canopy

What do the leader of The Rheostatics and one-half of Whitehorse have to say about the medium of newspapers? Well, as it turns out, quite a lot.

Dave Bidini, an author and rock star, is actually starting one of his own in his Toronto neighbourhood this fall that will feature only local stories. He says he was looking for a new challenge and has had a rocky relationship with traditional media so he decided to try it out for himself.

Luke Doucet, one-half of Whitehorse, and originally a Winnipegger, is going to interview Bidini and find out why you’d start your own newspaper in an era when many say the medium is dying.

Bidini is in town to perform at Interstellar Rodeo.

Ashes Under the Hill / Let Our Hands Grow to Hold What We Love
August 21 - September 4 | All Day
Artist: Ron Tran
Part of Stages: Drawing the Curtain Exhitibion
In collaboration with Plug In ICA
Beachscape, The Forks Historic Port

Ron Tran works across disciplines and often in public spaces, orchestrating situations that challenge the norms of social interaction. His performative practice often takes the form of subtle interventions and is rooted in the motions of everyday life from walking home after a night out, to the simple gesture of opening and closing one’s apartment door. For STAGES, he has made several cutout sculptures of collaged consumer products from the late forties. The select products connect to the imagined garbage buried deep in Westview Park also known as “Garbage Hill.” His sculptures are propped in the ground sticking out from cultivated hedges, as if the city’s detritus is rising out of the earth, regrowing in one of the city’s most trafficked parks.

Le Rendez-Vous Finissage
August 22, 5pm - 8pm
Artists: Louise Witthoeft and Rodney LaTourelle
Location: South Point
Refreshments provided. Sound performance by Philia

Rodney LaTourelle is a Canadian artist and writer based in Berlin and Winnipeg. Louise Witthoeft is a Danish designer based in Berlin. LaTourelle and Witthoeft's work involves large-scale colour installations, public artworks and architectural interventions exploring the interplay of colour and physical space in an immersive viewing experience. Their site-specific installation on the South Point at The Forks is a multi-coloured geometric structure that performs double duty: the work functions both as a sculptural intervention and as a space for visitors to sit, read, contemplate the surroundings and enjoy impromptu gatherings or performances. The work uses context, scale, colour and pattern to transform the perception of the “amphitheater”; a common architectural typology found along Winnipeg’s riverbanks. By expanding a series colour/patterned stripes into a stepped form, a range of graphic conventions encounter the riverside context creating a strange juxtaposition with the surroundings. By providing a human proportioned interpretation of the sloped location, the installation creates a semi-public space scaled for hanging out amidst this otherwise unbuilt landscape near the river's edge.

Le Rendez-Vous is a Cool Gardens installation, presented by Storefront Manitoba and The Forks.

Community Creative with Kal Barteski

Updated: August 25 | Starting at 10:30 am
The Forks Market Atrium

What creates connection and community? Explore the conversation with artist Kal Barteski and help her create a community collage on The Forks Market Tower Atrium.

Poweshiek Skipperling

August 25 - 27 | All Day
Artist: Alexandra Ross
Prairie Garden 

There are only 500 Poweshiek Skipperlings left in the world. The local butterflies, once plentiful, are now on the brink of extinction. Alexandra Ross, whose art looks at a local side of a global loss of biodiversity, has created this delicate installation of butterflies from clay to bring awareness to the plight of this beautiful creature in Manitoba.

Visit for more information.  

Alexandra Ross is an emerging artist living in southeastern Manitoba. Not originally from the area, she has developed a deep appreciation for the prairies which she now calls her home. Alexandra grew up in a variety of eco-regions, including the Appalachian mountains, Southwestern deserts and Latin American rain-forests. Her work draws heavily from the natural world, and is influenced by her experience of place and disruption of place. In her art she explores contemporary social and environmental topics and looks for opportunities to nuance the conversation with complexity.

International Indigenous Nations Pow Wow

August 27  | 10 am - 2 pm
Oodena Celebration Circle

Manitoba's White Buffalo Spiritualist Society invites all cultures to share and celebrate traditions and friendships. Artisans will be selling handmade wares. A pipe ceremony will begin the day's events at 10 am, with the Grand Entry taking place at 1 pm. 

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Treaties (And Maybe Were Afraid To Ask)
August 28 | 1 pm – 2 pm
Speaker: Niigaan Sinclair, Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Native Studies, University of Manitoba
Under the Canopy

Treaties are complex documents with rights and responsibilities for all. Do you know what those are? Do you know why people acknowledge treaty at gatherings? Do you know how treaties make Manitoba today? Come and spend some time talking treaty with one of the foremost instructors and speakers in our community.

From Here & Away Summertide Night Excursion
August 29 | 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
The Forks Historic Port 

FH&A is hosting a nighttime photography excursion to celebrate the last bit of summer at The Forks. This excursion is open to any age, experience level, and shooting style. It will focus on creative low-light photography techniques, including long exposures. We will be treating The Forks site as our subject for the evening. Admission is free. Bring friends. 

The Royal Winnipeg Ballet: Outdoor Studio 
August 30, 2017 | 11 am - 2 pm, 3 pm - 6 pm
Under the Canopy

Drop by to see what a day in the life of a professional ballet dancer looks like. Tara Birtwhistle, RWB ballet master and former principal dancer, will run a day-long rehearsal for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s season opener: Twyla Tharp’s The Princess & the Goblin.

All Ages Drop-in Movement Class
12:15-12:45 pm
Taught by Recreational Division Principal Nicole Kepp
Inspired by the RWB Company? Join us on the dance floor under the Forks canopy for an all ages drop-in movement class! Get up, get active, and have fun moving to the music, on your own or with your family.

Twyla Tharp’s The Princess & the Goblin takes to the Centennial Concert Hall stage from September 27th – October 1st. Please visit for more information.

Bar Nano
August 30 | 8PM - 12AM
WINNIPEG sign, The Forks

In support of micro establishments everywhere, Storefront Manitoba presents Bar Nano, Canada’s smallest bar.
Transported by bicycle, and powered by battery, Bar Nano is sure to lift your spirits!

Beach Blanket Bingo
August 31 | 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Beachscape, The Forks Historic Port

Bring your beach blankets and your bingo daubers and take part in the first ever true life Beach Blanket Bingo. There will be no Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalaon circa 1965, there will be prizes, there will be hilarity, there will be fun had by all. 

The Promenade Between Us: Four Scenes in Four Locations
September 1 | 8 am, 12 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm
Various Locations Along The Broadway Promenade

Come experience connections with theatre a la carte, promenade style on the Broadway Prominade between VIA Rail Station and the Esplanade Riel. Catch bite-sized performances in four different genres- Shakespeare, devised theatre, dance theatre, and Canadian drama. Enjoy one piece on it's own or walk the full pathway to sample a larger menu of theatre offerings. Scenes will run every 15 minutes for the hour.

Parking Lot Picnic
September 1 | 11:30 am – 1:30 pm
Plaza Parking Lots, North Of The Forks Market

Right before the long weekend, grab your lunch in The Forks Market or bring your own and picnic with us. A wandering band will entertain you throughout your last lunch of the summer holidays.

The Aviary: An Installation of Light and Sound
September 1 - 3 | Dusk to 11 pm
The Forks Historic Port

Wander through an ethereal and electric installation of wire framed birds and whimsical bird houses amongst the trees along the northwest side of The Forks Historic port. On Saturday night, the Riel Gentlemen’s Choir will serenade you from canoes on the Assiniboine River dressed in suits made of light.

Bicycle Tricycle Bike Parade 
September 3 | 10 am – 12 pm
Begins at The Canopy – Parade at 11:30am

You bring the bicycle, tricycle, trainingwheels and family, we’ll provide the decorations and parade route. Art City will be here to provide the straws, streamers and cool things for your bike wheels and handlebars. Then show off your creation and participate in a parade throughout The Forks site.

The Cello Among Us
September 3 | Various locations & times

Natanielle Felicitas is a restless cellist. Whether onstage with songwriters (Raine Hamilton, JP Hoe), in studio with bands (KEN Mode, Doug Hoyer), or improvising with her experimental trio Civvie, Natanielle's intuitive style resonates with a broad range of audiences and performers alike. This rare solo appearance features improvised melodies and classics.
See Natanielle perform throughout The Forks site.

Synonym Art Consultation Presents: NEREO ll with apprentice artist John Padua
September 3-4
South Main Entrance

Pop in to see a live mural painting to help kick off Wall-to-Wall Mural & Cultural Festival 2017!

Inspired by Hindu teachings of transcendence and non duality, as well as the Native American Legend about the great internal fight between two polar opposite wolves. One wolf representing anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, self-pity resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego while the other wolf being a symbol of joy, love, peace, serenity, humility, kindness, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith. “ADVAITA“ is a guided visual meditation through the plane of duality and an invitation to return to the higher self.

Further info to come. 

...and that's not all! Check back for more Summertide events + details coming soon.