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Dining at The Forks

The Forks, one of Winnipeg’s most diverse culinary destinations, offers a range of eclectic dining choices for any palate or pocketbook. With stellar views of the rivers available at many of the restaurants and some of the city’s best patios, The Forks marks the spot for discerning Winnipeggers and visitors alike.


Dining Details

Fools & Horses Coffee Company

Fools + Horses has two locations -- at 379 Broadway and the historic Forks Market. Both locations offer a full espresso menu precision-made on the modbar, featuring Pilot Coffee and a variety of rotating feature roasters. Coffee is roasted fresh and delivered weekly.


​We are proud to buy from mostly local suppliers, including

+ Doughnuts by Bronuts  
+ Manitoba-sourced yogurt parfaits  


​ENVIRONMENTAL / Measure and minimize waste, and re-invest in green projects
SOCIAL / Enable ownership for employees, and provide a home for culture and conversation after hours
FINANCIAL / Pay a living wage and work with other entrepreneurs to build a more prosperous community

Fools + Horses strives to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.
​As an employer, we encourage everyone to apply regardless of race, gender identity, or ethnicity.