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Shopping at The Forks

Sensational shopping is available year round at The Forks. With nearly 75 shops on site, there is truly something for everyone. Primarily located in two buildings, The Forks Market and Johnston Terminal, The Forks offers a totally unique shopping experience in the heart of the city. Local residents can find fresh produce, meats, wine and flowers to take home while visitors and residents alike are offered everything from hand made jewelery to aboriginal art, treasures from around the world, toys and clothing.

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Shopping Details

Forest Peoples Crafts

Moving On – One Small but Special Shop at The Forks Market

Pauline Kuhn has been the proud and dedicated owner of Forest Peoples’ Crafts at The Forks Market for over ten years. She started the business out of a strong passion to fight the “war on poverty” in Africa by purchasing handmade crafts at a price determined by the people who made them and reselling these unique items at her shop in Winnipeg. This business model is often referred to and is registered as a “Fair Trade” business.
Pauline’s giving spirit still shines brightly but she has decided to close her shop at The Forks and return to Kenya where she will continue to address poverty issues and development assistance opportunities. Before she goes she would like to share a few memorable moments, special thank-yous and information about her closing-out sale.

One of Pauline’s favorite memories is from 2007 when she, with the help of volunteers including former Manitoba government minister Maureen Hemphill and Romalda Wildeman, Manager of The Human Bean, fundraised enough money to purchase a wheelchair for one of her suppliers, a shoemaker who had no legs and great difficulty getting around. She also fondly recalls a fundraising event just last year when enough money was raised to purchases three cows for three Kenyan grandmothers. Grandmothers have been a major focus of Forest Peoples’ Crafts supply in that country. The fundraising efforts included a yoga class at the Forks led by Monica Angelato and the donation of ten percent of all Forest Peoples Crafts’ sales over the holiday season.

Pauline would also like to thank all those who have supported her over the years: the customers who have been dedicated to shopping Fair Trade, the volunteers like Holly Enns and Savanna Joy who have helped to fundraise, organize and promote events, and the staff at The Forks who have supported her initiatives, especially CEO Paul Jordan. Pauline recognizes and appreciates everyone who has contributed to the success of Forest Peoples’ Crafts and hopes that you wonderful people will continue to help and support those in need, especially craft makers from impoverished areas.

As a way of saying thank-you and goodbye, Pauline is offering 30-50% off everything in her shop over the next two weeks. All her shelving and display cases are also for sale. Do not miss your last chance to shop at Forest Peoples Crafts!! The shop closes August 31st.