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Projects on the Horizon

South Point Program

First Nations people have a profound respect for the natural world and a distinct sense of pride in their spiritual and cultural traditions. The South Point of The Forks is to be developed with an Aboriginal theme in recognition of the historic role of Aboriginal peoples at The Forks.

Interpretive Programs

Future projects will tell the story of The Forks throughout the landscape with story plaques and markers, audio-visual kiosks and commemorative gardens interpreting historic themes. Visitors will also experience different periods of time at The Forks through walking tours, video presentations, heritage hunts, re-enactments of historic events, and theatrical plays.

Public Art

The Forks will collaborate with the artistic community, making the site the city’s most visible place where the arts meet the public. Public art will be incorporated throughout The Forks landscape to enrich the site’s environment, making the Forks a more interesting place and allowing the public to visually and tangibly recognize special people, places, moments or historic events. Playful art forms will be created to entertain all age groups to dramatically affect the way people view the site and create a sense of great pride.

Showcasing Our Community

The Forks will reach out to organizations within the multicultural community to celebrate, through festivals and events, the history and traditions of the cultural groups that make up our community. Future plans also include an annual Festival of the Arts, celebrating the various arts disciplines as a multidisciplinary event. Professional artists would lead the event with the creation of temporary works, literary events, music events, performance art, film, and video.

Child-friendly Programs

A child-friendly environment will be encouraged through a variety of new events and participatory programs that are open to children and generate surprise, delight and learning. The Forks will collaborate with partners such as the Manitoba Theatre for Young People and the Manitoba Children’s Museum in the design and delivery of these programs to engage a younger audience.

Environmental Projects

The Forks’ vision is to become a model for sustainable development by integrating environmentally friendly approaches into the renewal and maintenance of the site. This is being achieved through the Target Zero program’s projects, which demonstrate innovative conservation and building technologies.