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Arctic Glacier Winter Park

Join us on the site for the official celebration of winter. Skate on 1 kilometre of trails, slide down the toboggan run, or get that perfect Instagram shot under the light walk

Arctic Glacier Winter Park  

Click here for up-to-date information on trails and park conditions. 

Canopy Skating Rink is located in The Forks Plaza, and is a great space to test out your skating ability before heading out onto the trails. The canopy above the ice surface is beautifully lit and animated with music. 

Festival Park Skating Rink is located adjacent to the Festival Park Stage and is available for leisure skating and pick-up hockey games. The rink is maintained daily for excellent ice conditions. Hockey nets and warm-up shacks are provided.

The Toboggan Hill is located behind the Inn at The Forks. Bring your toboggan and glide into Festival Park.

1 km of skating trails connect the largest portion of Arctic Glacier Winter Park to The Plaza and Market areas and meander through The Forks site. All trails, rinks and the river are connected to the Plaza with rubber mats. Warming huts and many benches are strategically placed along the trail.

Festive lights enhance Arctic Glacier Winter Park by keeping the entire site colourfully lit and providing a warm, beautiful glow.

Crokicurl 2017's new favourite all-Manitoban game is back! Combining curling + crokinole, Crokicurl was born at The Forks, and has since been built and played all over cold weather destinations across the country! The rink is available on a first-come, first-serve basis - please be respectful of others wishing to play. 

Crokicurl Rules:

  • The game is played with two teams. Each team is composed of 1-2 players. Teams of 1 play from opposing quadrants. For teams of 2, players from the same team play from opposing quadrants. Each player is limited to 1 quadrant. Each team has 4 rocks of the same colour.
  • A crokicurl shot is accomplished by firmly sliding a rock onto the playing surface, releasing before the halfway point of the starting line. The rock may be played from any point within the assigned quadrant. Players are permitted to place their feet against the side rail while shooting the rock.
  • The first player will try to score 20 points with their shot. If the rock successfully lands completely within the button it is removed and set aside to count as 20 points at the end of the round.
  • Subsequent shots attempt to remove an opponent rock from the playing surface, unless there are no rocks on the playing surface. If the rock fails to make contact with an opponent rock, the rock is removed from the game. At the same time, each player attempts to make a 20 point shot difficult for the opposing team.
  • Whenever possible, each player seeks to score 20 points by shooting a rock into the center button.
  • No player may enter the coloured point rings during game play until all rocks have been played by both teams and scoring is being determined. The exception to this is when a team scores 20 points with their rock entering the button.
  • Players may not change quadrants during a round.
  • Play proceeds in a clockwise fashion, alternating each team and player.
  • A rock that lands more than halfway over the outer edge of the starting line will be removed from game play.
  • Scoring occurs after all rocks have been played. Teams play to a per-determined score. The player or team with the higher score wins the round. The winner of the match is determined by the team who wins the most rounds, best of 1, 3, 5, 7, etc.
  • Losing team treats winning team to mini donuts or a round of drinks from The Common.


Arctic Glacier Winter Park Sunday Programming

Sundays Jan. 14 – Feb. 25 | 1:30 – 4:30pm
Location: Arctic Glacier Winter Park

Enjoy FREE programming on Sundays beginning January 14 – February 25

Indigenous Programming sponsored by Investors Group
1:30pm – 3:30pm | Buskers Lookout
Join elders inside a traditional teepee for bannock making and sharing stories.

Horse-Drawn Wagon Rides sponsored by Duron Equipment
1:30pm – 4:30pm | Near Travel Manitoba
Hop on and enjoy a ride around The Forks site.

Soul on Ice sponsored by Great-West Life
1:00pm - 4:00pm | Canopy Skating Rink 
The Canopy Skating Rink is transformed into a dance floor on ice. DJs Hunnicutt & Co-op spin your favourite tunes whil you spin around on the ice.

Iceland Skate Rentals

Open daily from 10:00am to 10:00pm
Skate rentals are available at Iceland Skate Rentals located in The Forks Market Tower Atrium, adjacent to the Mini Donuts Factory. Rates are $3.00 for children and seniors, and $5.00 for adults. Call 204.257.0288 or 204.955.8814 for group bookings.


Click here for a printable map with information on the park.


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