Archaeological Monitoring of the Stage I Construction Program

Kroker, Sid and Pam Goundry

A total of 10,969 artifacts were recovered during monitoring of Stage I construction in the East Yard at The Forks site. Postcontact recoveries represent the following: architectural objects; lighting equipment; scientific artifacts; medicine; communication; food processing; clothing; transportation; recreation; housewares; containers; detritus; and floral and faunal remains. Precontact recoveries include lithics, ceramics, faunal and floral remains, sediment samples and radiocarbon samples. Stratigraphy and features are discussed in detail. Interpretation is discussed for the following periods: Railway (1888-1988); Industrial and Immigration (1870-1888); Contact and Transition (1737-1870); and Precontact (4000 BC-AD 1737). Appendices include locational data, artifact cataloguing hierarchy, photographic plates, and an artifact inventory catalogue (the latter contained in volume II).

Kroker, Sid and Pam Goundry. 1990. Archaeological Monitoring of the Stage I Construction Program. Winnipeg: The Forks Renewal Corporation.
[ CRM monograph report (Vol. I 216pp.; Vol. II artifact catalogue)(TFNP, HRB, MM, on file at PC) ]

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