Archaic Occupations at The Forks

Kroker, Sid and Pam Goundry (compilers)

Contributions by 10 authors detail the 1992-3 public archaeology investigations of the 2300-2200-year-old and 3000-year-old occupation horizons, plus a discussion of the Fur Trade Period (1737-1821) and Hudson’s Bay Flour Mill complex (1874-1907). A brief historical background covers the First Inhabitants (8000 BC-AD 1737) including Archaic (3000 BC-AD 1) and Woodland (AD 1-1737); Contact (1737-1821) including Fort Gibraltar I (1810-1816); Transition (1821-1870); Industrialization and Immigration (1870-1888); and Railway (1888-1988). Analysis covers operations; stratigraphy and features; dendrochronological dating of oak pilings; lithic artifacts; charcoal and seeds; fauna; fish remains; shellfish and snail recoveries.

Kroker, Sid and Pam Goundry (compilers). 1994. Archaic Occupations at The Forks. Winnipeg: The Forks Public Archaeology Association.
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