The Forks National Historic Site: Historic Themes

Parks Canada

This booklet describes, briefly, the 6000 year history of The Forks. The titles include: Land Use at The Forks in the Precontact Period, Native-European Contact at The Forks 1734-60, The Forks and the Competitive Fur Trade Period: 1760-1821, The Forks, Native Settlement and the Hudson’s Bay Company: 1821-50, Transition at The Forks: 1850-1900, Winnipeg and the Junction – A Metropolis in the Making: 1870-86, The Junction and the Railway Era: 1886-1923, The Forks and Immigration: 1870-1920, and Environmental Citizenship.

Parks Canada. 1995. The Forks National Historic Site: Historic Themes. Winnipeg: Parks Canada, Department of Canadian Heritage.
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