Interpretation and Administration, Archaic Occupations at The Forks

Kroker, Sid

The chapter on interpretation includes a discussion of the Hudson's Bay Flour Mill complex (1874-1907), an artifact from the Fur Trade Period, and the Precontact Period environment and peoples who occupied the area. Evidence for Precontact trade into the area and campsite activiites such as fishing, tool manufacture, and bone, wood and hide working are presented. The chapter on administration includes a description of The Forks Public Archaeology Project (1993), including project development, funding, staffing, analysis and report preparation, kiosk operations, financial summary, and public involvement.

*see overall compilation for PDF: Kroker, Sid and Pam Goundry (compilers). 1994. Archaic Occupations at The Forks. Winnipeg: The Forks Public Archaeology Association. [ Research monograph (329pp)(FNHSC, TFNP pdf, HRB, MM, on file at PC) ]

Kroker, Sid. 1994. Interpretation and Administration. In Archaic Occupations at The Forks, 199-263. Winnipeg: The Forks Public Archaeology Association, compiled by Sid Kroker and Pam Goundry.
[ Section in research monograph (FNHSC, TFNP pdf, HRB, MM, on file at PC) *See overall compilation for PDF ]

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