Red River Corridor: A Proposed Plan

A.R.C. Management Board

This booklet outlines the A.R.C.’s planning process for the Red River Corridor. The booklet is divided into parts: Part I, Overview of the A.R.C. Planning Process; Part II, The Agreement for Recreation and Conservation on the Red River: a) background, b) schedule, c) present status; Part III, The Red River Corridor and Its Potential for Recreation and Conservation (with resources in history, wildlife and scenic), Recreational Opportunities (Historic and Nature Interpretive Centre, Recreation and Travel, Sport Fishing and Waterfowl Hunting, Riverbank Parks); Part IV, The Plan with The Forks Project, Proposed Forks development, The Forks Alternatives and The Forks Optimum Development Phase (Upper Fort Garry display, A.R.C. in CN Terminal, cost). There is also a list of A.R.C. expendiums, plus a Map of Proposed Development, with photographs.

A.R.C. Management Board. 1981. Red River Corridor: A Proposed Plan. Winnipeg: A.R.C. Management Board.
[ Planning document/booklet (24pp) (FNHSC) ]

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