Canadian Museum for Human Rights Winnipeg, Manitoba. Environmental Assessment Report

Falk Environmental Inc.

This report was created to ensure the requirements of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA) were fulfilled for the proposed Canadian Museum for Human Rights. The content of this document includes: Introduction (project background, environmental assessment, project/environmental description, public consultation, mitigation summary, references); Scope (scope of the project/assessment, spatial and temporal boundaries); Project Description (the Friends of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, supporters, Government of Canada, Province of Manitoba, City of Winnipeg, The Forks North Portage Partnership, location, construction, foundation, operation and maintenance, cost, schedule); Environmental Description (previous studies and assessments, biophysical environment, social environment, heritage resources, archaeology, natural history, human history, The Forks National Historic Site of Canada, Aboriginal interests, health and safety, economic); Public and Stakeholder Consultation (media, public opinion polls); Environmental Effects Analysis (environmental issues); Mitigation Measures Summary; Follow-up Summary; Summary and Conclusion; References. There is a list of Figures (diagrams, drawing, photographs); List of Tables (analysis); and a List of Appendices (correspondence, site plans, illustrations, floor plans, open house, interviews, comment forms, Winnipeg Free Press on-line editions, site photographs).

Falk Environmental Inc.. 2006. Canadian Museum for Human Rights Winnipeg, Manitoba. Environmental Assessment Report. Winnipeg, Manitoba: Falk Environment Inc. Prepared for: Canadian Museum for Human Rights.
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