Heritage Resources Impact Assessment of the Portage East Site

Quaternary Consultants Ltd.

Assessment involved backhoe excavations of 168m of trenches, uncovering artifacts from Protocontact (AD 1650 to 1730) and Postcontact (clustering around 1880 and 1910s). Artifacts represent the following categories: lithics; Precontact ceramics; trade copper; architectural objects; lighting and manufacturing equipment; science related artifacts; communication; food procurement and processing; clothing; transportation; recreation; housewares; floral and faunal remains; storage, cooking, ornamental containers; dinnerware. Land use is briefly discussed for the: Precontact (4000 BC-AD 1737); Fur Trade (1737- 1860); Immigration & Industrialization (1860-1900); and Urban (1900-1970) periods. Stratigraphy and features (waterlines, basement foundations) are detailed. Appendices include provenience data, stratigraphic profiles, and artifact catalogue.

Quaternary Consultants Ltd.. 1996. Heritage Resources Impact Assessment of the Portage East Site. Winnipeg: Quarternary Consultants Ltd. Submitted to Spirit of Manitoba.
[ CRM monograph report (229pp)(HRB, MM) ]

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