The Forks: Post 1870

Berkowski, Gerry

This history of The Forks focuses on the period after 1870 and examines the larger social, political and economic forces that shaped the development of Winnipeg in general and The Forks in particular. Chapters cover the following topics: The National Policy, Confederation and the Urbanization of Winnipeg; Winnipeg and the Junction: a Metropolis in the Making, 1870-1886; The Junction and the Railway Era, 1886-1923; The Junction and the Immigrant Experience; and Conclusions. Appendices include a bibliography and copies of archival maps and photographs relevant to the area.

Berkowski, Gerry. 1987. The Forks: Post 1870. Ottawa: Environment Canada, Canadian Parks Service.
[ Research monograph (237pp.)(FNHSC, TFNP, HRB, PC) ]

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