The Forks Heritage Interpretive Plan

Pettipas, Leo; Kacki, James

The heritage plan presents the guiding principles for heritage resource interpretation and management at The Forks and identifies six heritage themes: Natural Heritage; Aboriginal Lifeways in the Precontact Era (5000 BC–AD 1737); Native Lifeways: The Proto- and Postcontact Era (1670-1870); Fur Trade to Province (1734-1870); Immigration and the Emerging Metropolis (1870-Present); and The Railway Era (1888-1988). Included are discussions of: the background to the planning process; natural and cultural heritage resources; the goals of the heritage interpretive plan; thematic framework; heritage implications on site planning and design; The Forks heritage interpretation and operational strategy and framework; results of public consultations; and a review of archaeological activity.

Pettipas, Leo; Kacki, James. 1993. The Forks Heritage Interpretive Plan. Winnipeg: The Forks Heritage Interpretive Plan Sub-Committee, The Forks Renewal Corporation.
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