Period Artifacts from The Forks

Ebell, S. Biron and Peter J. Priess

This document is a catalogue of selected artifacts recovered during Parks Canada excavations at The Forks in 1984, that were deemed to be valuable in developing interpretations for the public. A description, interpretation and photograph accompany each artifact listing. The following artifact categories are represented: arms and ammunition; Pre- and Postcontact ceramics including smoking equipment, dinnerware, storage, cooking; glass including storage, lighting, decorative, medicine; lithics; metal containers; miscellaneous including metal tools, glass beads, bone artifacts, shell and bone buttons, ivory artifacts; other metal including tinkling cones and sewing equipment.

Ebell, S. Biron and Peter J. Priess. 1986. Period Artifacts from The Forks. Ottawa: Environment Canada, Parks Service.
[ Research monograph (122pp) (FNHSC, MM, PC) ]

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