Holiday Help: For the Parents

Posted on Dec 22, 2014 by The Forks Market

Well, the clock is counting to Christmas! And with only days left, we rack our brains for the perfect parent gift. Finding the right gifts for parents can be hard because it seems they have everything... and want nothing. All I ever get from mine is, "We just want to spend time with you" which is great, but I feel eternally indebted to them hence getting them a small gift - because it makes me feel like I'm at least paying off the interest I've accumulated.
So, shall we begin?

Dear Dad,

Here are a few things I thought you might like.

  1. A BBQ for the stove top. I know you like barbecuing outside, but for those -50 degrees Celsius feel free to stay inside. ( Generation Green)
  2. Now I know you aren't into baking bread, but maybe you might like bread made with beer?! If not, I still got you a case so don't worry there. (Farmery Gear)
  3. Fur hat. 'Nuff said. ( SF Imports)
  4. Now that you are getting older you keep saying it's cold in the house. I know you aren't inclined to turning up the thermostat, so here's a moose sweater to keep you warm. (Two Rivers)
  5. Wool button up for those days you need something that is inbetween t-shirt and moose sweater mode- here's the perfect balance... and it's not plaid (like all the other button shirts you have). ( Sk8)
  6. If the beer bread isn't your thing... this beer flavoured hot sauce can go on everything, no extra effort required. ( Human Bean Coffee and Tea)
  7. Since change and other money has been falling out of your wallet, I thought you might want to try this out. It's made entirely out of recycled rubber... from tires. ( Generation Green)
  8. Gone Fishing? No, gone flushing... Needless to say - you came to mind when I saw this. Enjoy! (Generation Green)

Dearest Mom,

I don't know how you do it. The older I get the crazier life is, and yet you seem to handle everything with grace and sanity... But just in case you do need a break, here is a little something for you.

  1. Mug for your favourite tea. (The Forks Trading Company)
  2. Red Clover Blossoms Tea- because it is as beautiful to brew as it is tasty to drink.(Generation Green)
  3. A warm plaid blanket--- because we know dad likes to keep the house at an "appropriate temperature". ( The Forks Trading Company)
  4. Although a book about The North, it's not as cold as it sounds. Trust me, you'll like it. (The Forks Trading Company)
  5. To survive the weather and the havoc it puts on your skin. (Generation Green)
  6. Something cute to add to your jewelry collection (let's be honest - accessories are always a good thing. (SF Imports)
  7. Dipped candles- because the smell of beeswax reminds me of craft sale shopping with you. (The Forks Trading Company)
  8. So much chocolate. (Almond Tree)
  9. A journal to write down all your wisdom so that I can keep it and pass it down to my kids.(Generation Green)

This list contains only a small token of my appreciation for you, parents. But I know that it will never be enough, that's why you'll see me during Christmas because spending time with you is the best way I can repay you.


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