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Posted on Oct 22, 2018 by The Forks Market

We have brand new beer and wine lists for you! Thanks to our sommelier, Véronique Rivest, The Common has 20 new beers and 20 new wines (plus two bonus wines ?) for you to sip in The Forks Market. This is the time to grab a flight and try a bunch. We'd love to hear what you think, so remember to tag @theforkswinnipeg and @thecommonwpg when posting your choices!



Olivares-Rosado-Jumilla-2017.jpg (79 KB)

1 | Olivares Rosado Jumilla 2017

From: Jumilla, Spain
Tasting notes: Dry with loads of red berries, a hint of orange & floral notes

Stick to this one for a very approachable but different rosé that pairs well with almost any food.

2 | Lupi Reali Trebbiano d'Abruzzo 2016

From: Abruzzo, Italy
Tasting notes: Light & dry, with citrus, peach & pear drop flavours

You might like this one if you’re a fan of Chardonnays. The difference here is that you won’t get the oak flavour of a Chardonnay, but you’ll still get the rich, well-rounded flavour with low acidity.

3 | Solar das Boucas Loureiro Vinho Verde 2017

From: Portugal
Tasting notes: Light & fruity with a delicate spritz, floral & peach flavours

This wine has been a favourite so far. 'Vihno verde' means that the wine is made with very young grapes, which makes the wine light and approachable with a little bit of fizz.

Joseph-Mellot-Destinea-Sauvignon-Blanc-2016.jpg (63 KB)

4 | Joseph Mellot Destinéa Sauvignon Blanc 2016

From: Loire, France
Tasting notes: Dry & zesty, with grapefruit, gooseberry & herbal notes

Pick this wine if you’re feeling a little fancy. It is made in one of the most prestigious regions in France and that definitely translates to the flavour of the wine.

5 | Ress Forbidden Pleasure Liebfraumilch 2017

From: Rheinhessen, Germany
Tasting notes: Low alcohol, off-dry & fruity with peach, white flowers & exotic fruit

If you’re just getting into wine, this may be a good place to start. It is a sweeter white that’s simple, juicy, and very delicious.

6 | Lunaria Ramoro Pinot Grigio Terre di Chieti 2017

From: Abruzzo, Italy
Tasting notes: Pink & off-dry with loads of red fruit & light tannins

This wine is for all our vegan friends out there. It isn’t your typical Pinot Grigio. It is what’s known as an orange wine, which means it’s a white wine that’s made like a red – with the skins of the grapes on. It is more complex with lots of texture and a little sweetness.

Waterkloof-Seriously-Cool-Chenin-Blanc-Stellenbosch-2016.jpg (58 KB)

7 | Waterkloof Seriously Cool Chenin Blanc Stellenbosch 2016

From: Stellenbosch, South Africa
Tasting notes: Juicy & fresh with aromas of honeydew melon & pear

Yet another wine that is good for the earth. It is made from another winery that uses biodyamic methods when growing and making the wine.

8 | Montes Chardonnay Central Valley 2016

From: Central Valley, Chile
Tasting notes: Rich & smooth with peach, tropical fruit & toasted oak

Go for this wine if you’re looking for a classic, New World, Chardonnay. It is buttery and slightly oaky, but not overpowering.

9 | Eric Texier Adèle Côtes du Rhône 2015

From: Rhône, France
Tasting notes: Unfined & unfiltered, dry & lively, with subtle stone fruit, pear & wild herbs

This is another one for those of you that choose vegan options. It is a natural wine that all the wine nerds will love.

10 | Clos des Fous Locura 2 Chardonnay Itata 2016

From: Itata Valley, Chile
Tasting notes: Dry & fresh with pear, lime & a light creaminess

This is wine making at the extreme. These producers grow their grapes in regions of Chile that others wouldn’t dare to try.

BONUS | Tawse Spark Riesling Twenty Mile Bench 2015

From: Ontario, Canada
Tasting notes: Dry & super lively with zesty citrus, green apple & fine bubbles

Ask your bartender about this one as it isn’t posted on the menu. This wine is biodynamic, which means it’s beyond organic. It’s a spiritual, ethical, ecological, and ultimately — an incredibly sustainable way to make wine.



11 | Elsa Bianchi Malbec Mendoza 2017

From: Mendoza, Argentina
Tasting notes: Ripe black fruit & soft vanilla oak

Solid choice if you’re a die-hard Malbec fan or a great alternative if you’re looking for a merlot. It has that classic woody, oak-forward taste you’re looking for.

Berton-Vineyards-Metal-Black-Shiraz-South-Eastern-Australia-2016.jpg (62 KB)

12 | Berton Vineyards Metal Black Shiraz South Eastern Australia 2016

From: South Eastern Australia
Tasting notes: Full bodied & smooth, loads of jammy fruit, mocha & spice

If you’ve chosen a meat-heavy dish from one of the vendors in the food hall, this is a great wine to pair it with. It has a mild sweetness and a tannic finish.

13 | Bodegas Valderiz Valdehermosa Tempranillo Joven Ribera del Duero 2016

From: Ribera del Duero, Spain
Tasting notes: Bright, fresh & medium bodied with red fruit, herbs & silky tannins

This wine is made with young red grapes, which gives it a full-bodied flavour that isn’t too oak-heavy or tannic. If you like a good merlot, you’ll love this one.

14 | Perez Cruz Cabernet Sauvignon Maipo Valley 2015

From: Maipo Valley, Chile
Tasting notes: Blackcurrant liqueur, blackberry, mint & wild herbs, with ripe tannins

Here is your classic Chilean Cabernet. Think dry oak, tobacco, and toasty chocolate with tannins.

15 | Le Ferme du Mont Le Ponnant Côtes du Rhône Villages 2016

From: Rhône, France
Tasting notes: Full bodied & firm, with red & black fruit, licorice & pepper

Yet another organic producer making incredible wines. This one is bright, elegant, and perfect for pairing with BBQ and other meaty dishes.

16 | Ironstone Petite Syrah Lodi 2016

From: Lodi, California
Tasting notes: Robust & fruity, with blueberry pie, chocolate & spice

This is your go-to if you’re looking for that sweeter, fruitier red. It’s also a nice choice if you’re just easing in to red wines.

17 | Cascina Corte Dolcetto di Dogliani 2017

From: Piedmont, Italy
Tasting notes: Very Italian & very natural: bone dry, crunchy red fruit & earthy tannins

As Italian as a wine gets. It’s another natural wine, but this one can’t be described as funky. It’s the driest and most tannic wine on the list, making it perfectly paired with fatty dishes and hard cheeses.

Descendientes-de-J-Palacios-Petalos-Bierzo-2016.jpg (50 KB)

18 | Descendientes de J. Palacios Petalos Bierzo 2016

From: Bierzo, Spain
Tasting notes: Full bodied & fresh, with red fruit, floral notes & loads of minerality

The tasting notes say it all about this wine. It is the wine with the most minerality on our list and has a full, rich body.

19 | Orofino Home Vineyard Pinot Noir Similkameen Valley 2014

From: Similkameen Valley, British Colombia
Tasting notes: Firm & earthy, with cherry fruit, spice & wild herbs

We highly recommend you try both Pinot Noir wines on our list if you’re interested in one. They are both so different and great to compare side-by-side. This Pinot Noir is made by one of the top wine producers in Canada. It is more oak-heavy than the other Pinot Noir and has notes of cherry and herb.

Pearl-Morissette-Jeunes-Vignes-Pinot-Noir-Creek-Shore-2016.jpg (48 KB)

20 | Pearl Morissette Jeunes Vignes Pinot Noir Creek Shore 2016

From: Niagara, Ontario
Tasting notes: Bright, fresh & savory, with crunchy red fruit, forest floor & light tannin

This Pinot Noir is made by a producer that is as natural as it gets. The wine is made with young vines that create a fresh, bright Pinot Noir that has an earthy flavour and a hint of sour cherry. It is very different from the Orofino Home Vineyard Pinot Noir, but don’t take our word for it, taste them for yourself.

BONUS | Taylor Fladgate First Estate Reserve Port

From: Douro, Portugal
Tasting notes: Velvety texture with aromas of figs, raisins, dark chocolate & spice

Here is your dessert wine. It is a smaller pour because of its higher alcohol content, but it is packed with flavour. Ask your bartender about this wine as it isn’t posted on the menu.



Devil-May-Care_Tabula-Rosa.jpg (56 KB)

1 | Devil May Care Brewing Co. Tabula Rosa Wheat Beer

From: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Tasting notes: Citrus & tropical fruit with hibiscus & a gentle tartness

2 | Farmery Brewing Co. Fresh Hop Ale

From: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Tasting notes: Smooth balance of bitter, floral & citrus

3 | Stone Angel Brewing Co. Kaiser Bill IPA

From: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Tasting notes: Malt forward, tangerine, citrus & spice

Fort-Garry-Brewing_Happy-Jack-Pumpkin-Ale.jpg (58 KB)

4 | Fort Garry Brewing Happy Jack Pumpkin Ale

From: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Tasting notes: Hints of oak & spices, brewed with real pumpkin

5 | One Great City Brewing Co. Tipsy Cow Milk Stout

From: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Tasting notes: Creamy with dark malts, chocolate & coffee

6 | Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co. Tom Green Summer Stout

From: Vanleek Hill, Ontario
Tasting notes: Pours clear golden-blonde but offers flavours of coffee, cocoa & berry

7 | Nicklebrook Naughty Neighbour IPA

From: Burlington, Ontario
Tasting notes: Dry, refreshing & hoppy with citrus & pine

8 | Brew Dog Vagabond APA *Gluten Free*

From: Ellon, Scotland
Tasting notes: Gluten free yet tasty with noticeable hops & a refreshing finish

9 | Sound Brewing Dubbel Entendre

From: Poulsbo, Washington
Tasting notes: Rich caramelly sweetness with dried fruit & spice

10 | Dandy Brewing Une Vieille Maitresse Grisette

From: Calgary, Alberta
Tasting notes: Super refreshing farmhouse ale with flavours of cereal & spice

11 | Rochester Mills Beer Co. Pine Knob Pilsner

From: Rochester, Michigan
Tasting notes: Bohemian pilsner style, light, smooth & refreshing


13 | Bridge Brewing Bourbon Blood Orange Wheat Ale

From: North Vancouver, British Colombia
Tasting notes: Crisp, refreshing, bright floral & citrus, hint of warming bourbon

14 | Lonetree Cranberry Apple Cider

From: Vancouver, British Colombia
Tasting notes: Sweet apple flavours balanced with tart BC cranberries

15 | Corsaire Extra Special Bitter

From: Lévis, Québec
Tasting notes: Malty with caramel, nuts & dark fruit

16 | Collective Arts Brewing Ransack the Universe IPA

From: Hamilton, Ontario
Tasting notes: Very aromatic, tropical fruit & citrus, grassy hop bitterness

17 | Churchill Brewing Blonde Lager

From: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Tasting notes: Light, clean, crisp & refreshing

18 | Crux Fermentation Project Gimme Mo IPA

From: Bend, Oregon
Tasting notes: Citrus & tropical flavours, moderately hopped, silky texture

19 | Trois Mousquetaires Oktoberfest Marzen

From: Brossard, Québec
Tasting notes: Spice bread & caramel, fresh herbal notes & soft carbonation

Lindemans_Kreik-Lambic.jpg (40 KB)

20 | Lindemans Kriek Lambic

From: Belgium
Tasting notes: Sweet cherry bomb with just enough refreshing sourness


Keep in mind that the beer list does change on a weekly basis based on demand. So when you visit, the list may be slightly different than what you see here. For the most up-to-date list, check out The Common's Instagram Highlights, which are updated weekly!


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