Forks Tips: Studying & Remaining Sane

Posted on Nov 09, 2018 by The Forks Market

We know that a bunch of your are spending your days and nights learning about all sorts of great things and studying hard. We've been there, and have mastered the art of studying while remaining sane (kind of). The secret – do it in a place you love with coffee and snacks!

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Step 1: Find a spot

After you grab a coffee from Fools + Horses or a drink from The Common, set up shop somewhere in The Market. We recommend you sit at the iron bar tops in the centre of the Food Hall, that way you have a space to yourself, and more importantly, power for your laptop and phone.

If the Food Hall is really busy, scoot over to South Aisle where there are usually less people.

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Step 2: Comfort food

There are SO many things to choose from in The Market, but when we're studying, we want something warm and delicious. The crunchy potatoes with black garlic aioli and herbs from PASSERO's daytime restaurant, corto, is a go-to for us!

Then get to work while snacking. 👌

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Step 3: Take a break

After you get a solid amount of work done, do a lap in the fresh air. Especially now that the air is getting colder, it's sure to wake you up. Then you're ready for another round of productivity.

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Step 4: Relocate

Get a fresh, and amazing view. Espresso Junction is a much calmer space with huge windows with a view of The Canopy and The Market. It's especially magical when it's snowing like this!

the-forks_study-spots_4.jpg (48 KB)

Step 5: Refuel or relax

How much longer do you need to study for? All night? Grab another coffee and keep going. Almost done? Grab a herbal tea and start winding down for the day.

PS: These KeepCups are available at the Info Kiosk in The Forks Market.


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