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Posted on Mar 25, 2019 by The Forks Market

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The Forks is one of the best places in the city for Insta-worthy photo ops and we want to share some of our favourite spots to nab the perfect shot.

 There are a few obvious spots, like the Winnipeg sign and the amazing view from the top of the lookout tower at The Forks Market, but we have a few suggestions of other places you may not have thought of that may make the perfect backdrop for a stellar selfie or to show off your Winnipeg pride!

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Forks Historic Rail Bridge

This one is probably a given during the winter months, but we just want to remind you how pretty the lit archway and the strings of lights on the Forks Historic Rail Bridge are! Both are a great stop for engagement photos or just a casual photoshoot with friends, day or night!

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The Common

We love the vibe in The Common at dusk, when the lighting gives off wonderful warmth and the tables are full of groups tasting all the brews and bites in the food hall. Take a shot from the main floor, or head up to the second floor to get a bird’s eye view.

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Wings mural

While you’re on the second floor of the market, see if you can find the mural of wings (hint: head to dconstruct and then turn around!) We adore the Winnipeg- and Manitoba-loving theme and, of course, that our hashtag makes a sneaky cameo at the bottom!

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Parkade roof

There are some amazing murals on the walls of the parkade ramps, but we definitely do not advocate you stopping to take photos there. No selfie is worth a traffic accident! However, if you head up to the roof on a quiet day, you can immerse yourself in an amazing view. And, if you get the angle just right, you can get the Winnipeg sign, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and the Provencher Bridge all in frame. Now that’s an Insta-worthy Winnipeg shot if we’ve ever seen one!

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Alloway Arch and Widow’s Mite fountain

This duo of architectural beauties can be found just off of Israel Asper Way, as you head toward Union Station. The arch and fountain not only have an interesting history, which you can read about here, they also make for stunning summertime photos full of colourful flowers and rich greenery. And who doesn’t love a good filtered fountain shot?

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New Lounge on the Second Floor

Thanks to local furniture retailer EQ3, there's a beautifully cozy, bright + airy soft seating lounge on the second floor, featuring some beautiful heritage brickwork mixed with modern marble, leather, wood + windowpanes.

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The retro railcars by The Forks Market can be a very cool splash of colour, especially in the puddly spring months before all the greenery comes in. 

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