It's cocktail-o'clock in the Food Hall

Posted on Jul 04, 2019 by The Forks Market

There’s nothing better than spending a beautiful summer night on a patio with a delicious drink in hand. We’ve definitely got the patio part covered, with our new outdoor extension of The Common, and lucky for you, a couple of the businesses in the Food Hall have added some new cocktails to their repertoire!

The team at Passero have added four cocktails to their menu that will be available through July. There’s the Rosemary Old-Fashioned, with Bulliet bourbon, rosemary simple syrup and bitters; the Negroni, with gin, Campari, sweet vermouth and orange; the Italian Bird, with aged rum, Campari, sherry and honey water; and the French 77, with sparkling wine, elderflower liqueur and lemon. All four range in price from $12-$13.

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We had a taster of the French 77 and the Negroni, and take our word for it, these are drinks you’ll want to try! The French 77 is light and fizzy, just bursting with lemon flavour and perfect for patio sipping, while the Negroni packs a bit more of a punch and has a luscious orange scent. Both are presented in beautiful glassware with citrus accoutrements that add an extra zing.

The best part? If you’re not dining in the restaurant, you can still order up any of the four cocktails over the Corto counter and take them anywhere in The Common or even to the outdoor patio!

And over at Fools & Horses, three new cocktails have been added to their menu (possibly permanently!) courtesy of Tiny Bar Wpg.

Tiny Bar Wpg is the brainchild of bartender/beverage director Josey Krahn, a guy with a serious passion for crafting simple but exceptional cocktails, which falls directly in line with Fools and Horses’ approach to their coffee.

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Krahn, who does consultations with restaurants and bars as well as bartends at private events and hosts educational workshops, designed the Fools & Horses cocktail menu with their limited space in mind, as well as their limited equipment.

“For this it had to be delivered quickly and to be really good every time, so really the development process was thinking about what drinks work best when you can build them in a glass, so none of them have a ton of time to put into the prep or creation of the drink, but it’s still a high-level drink,” he says.

“I’m a big fan of three or four-ingredient cocktails so I just kind of looked into what I thought would be a well-balanced summer menu here that the baristas could execute.”

What he ended up with a trio of tasty treats; the Lavender Fizz, the Sherry Cobbler and the Montenegro Spritz.

Like the French 77 at Passero, the Lavender Fizz is lemony and bubbly but has a wonderful hint of lavender that is subtle but so flavourful. The Sherry Cobbler is as delicious as it sounds, pulling in warm, spicy notes with citrus and mint creating a chilled drink that has the vibe of a spiced cider. And the Montenegro Spritz pairs bourbon with bright orange and bitters.

All of these are $10.50 and are also available to order at the Fools & Horses counter and can also be taken anywhere in The Common or onto the patio.

If you're all about the flavour, and less about the alcohol, check out the Zero ABV Cocktail Pop-up on July 6 from 11AM - 7PM out on The Common patio for alcohol-free sips.

Enjoy your summer sipping!


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