A Day in the Life of The Forks Patio 

Posted on Aug 14, 2019 by Lindsay Somers

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The new summer hot spot: The Forks Patio. Have you been? 

Every time I’m here, I am delighted to see (what feels like) all of Winnipeg spending time outside. It’s alive with life. All day long. 

It just may be Winnipeg’s new community backyard, public square, green space and ultimate meeting place all wrapped up in one giant tree-canopied patio overlooking the two rivers. Everyone is welcome - no matter what you're up to.

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Recently, I spent the day working under the shady trees with the hum of patio life around me. It was mesmerizing to look up throughout the day and always see something different. People, dogs, activity and entertainment all came together - it was so interesting to see all the ways people spend time here. 

Sharing with you some of the action, sweet moments and a little diary of a day in the life of The Forks patio. 

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A kids summer camp scurries by, likely heading off to one of the day camps at MTYP or the Manitoba Children's Museum.

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People hanging out in the shade enjoying the morning sun, coffee and the river views. 

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Landscapers sprucing up the patio keeping it in tip top shape.

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A cute group of dog walkers met and had coffee. The patio is dog (on-leash) friendly! 

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Turns out, I'm not the only one with the idea to work outside! The patio can be a great place to read, study and work while getting some fresh air.

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The I AM Senior Fitness class getting sweaty under the canopy was so inspiring to see! Bonus: they played the best hits from Aretha Franklin. 

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Lunchtime entertainment, anyone? Not many places you can have a side of fire breathing with your sandwich!

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The canopy sees all seasons of hockey skates with this rollerblader cruising by.

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Looks like many people took advantage of the free parking on the patio for a quick lunch pop-in!

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Afternoon riverside catch ups with friends overlooking the bustling water bus.

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Hugs! Smiles, laughs and conversations are a constant sight (and sound!) on the patio. It's incredible to see family and friends connect everywhere I looked.

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DIY farmer's market: the patio also the place to exchange your garden vegetables with friends. ;)

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Patio after work hangouts with live music! Finding your new local favourite talent is always a possibility here.

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A full day of activity continues into the evening with Free Swing Dancing Lessons under the canopy. All ages come together to rock step to great big band music. A free dance show for patio onlookers!

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Spending the day on The Forks Patio surprised me, showing me how this space continues to connect us in so many ways. The day flew by - there was always never a dull moment. With so many places (and ways!) to hang out, it's truly feels like our backyard for everyone. You're able to simultaneously find a quiet place tucked away to be alone, meet with a group of friends at a harvest table, and strike up a conversation with someone new! It's pretty special to have a public space for everyone to spend a summer day together outside. 

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