Grab your foodie friends and your stretchiest pants – it's time for Le Burger Week

Posted on Sep 01, 2019 by The Forks Market

Ah, September! The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting cooler and the distinct smell of grilled meats is wafting through the air, which can only mean one thing: it’s time for Le Burger Week (with Cheese)!

This year more than 120 local restaurants have created mind-boggling burgers for the annual week-long fest which runs Sept.1-7, and we have five of those participating eateries at The Forks!

We have beef burgers and chicken burgers and fish burgers (oh my!), salsas, aiolis and spreads as far as the eye can see and even a “bun” made out of sushi rice. Who knew!

So grab your stretchiest pants, a strong appetite – and probably some Tums – and check out the options on offer for Le Burger Week 2019 at The Forks.

Corto.JPG (618 KB)

Corto (Passero): The Colonel

This chicken-based beast has a Nashville-style fried chicken patty, a ranch aioli, bread and butter pickle and lettuce all on a sweet potato bun. This one will surely ruffle some feathers in a good way! (See what we did there? Feathers? Chicken?) Corto – the take-out lunch counter of Passero – is typically only open until 4:30 p.m., but for Burger Week it will stay open until 7 p.m.

KYU.JPG (705 KB)

Kyu Grill: Maui Melt

The Maui Melt is guaranteed to be at least a six-napkin burger – there’s just so much on it! The Angus beef patty is topped with lettuce, mozzarella cheese, red onions, panko-crusted fried mozzarella (umm, yum!), pineapple-corn salsa, mango sauce, spicy pickled carrot and chili-oil aioli all on a brioche bun with garlic and herb pesto. Maui is also flavour-town, apparently.

Fusian.JPG (713 KB)

Fusian Sushi: New Style Sushi Burger

If seafood is the way you prefer to see food, try Fusian’s sushi “burger,” which takes lightly seared butter fish, plants it inside of a sushi rice “bun” and tops it with cilantro aioli, cucumber, pickled root veggies, red cabbage, a fried egg, smoked gouda and red Rambo micro greens. You also get a side of spicy tofu bites to complete this incredibly unique interpretation of a burger and fries.

NuBurg.JPG (765 KB)

Nuburger: Iceman: Top Gunn

All three of Nuburger’s entries this year are Top Gun themed (because the buns are provided by Gunn’s bakery – we love a good pun!). The Iceman has a Manitoba beef patty, local herb cream cheese, local apricot jam, capocollo, fresh cucumber and arugula on top of a Gunn’s everything bagel. They’re really registering a real need for seed (sesame and poppyseed, that is) on this one. Zing!

BurgerWeek ERA 2019-1.jpg (1.17 MB)

ERA Bistro at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights: The Zinn Pork Burger

A quick jaunt down Israel Asper Way will get you to the fifth burger, at ERA Bistro, which is offering up a Zinn Farms pork patty smothered in house-made BBQ sauce and topped with a cabbage and fennel slaw and New Bothwell smoked cheddar on a toasted brioche bun. Human Rights has never tasted so good.

To finish off your burger feast, head over to Jenna Rae Cakes for a Le-Burger-week-themed macaron!

JRC.JPG (529 KB)

So, are you hungry yet? Our mouths are watering just waiting for this burger bonanza to kick off on Sunday! We’d suggest rounding up a few of your foodie friends, ordering all the burgers and sharing them so you can get a taste of everything without developing a full-on case of the meat sweats (you and your tummy will thank us later, trust us!).

And don’t forget to vote for your favourites at!


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