Passerby | A new cocktail and snack bar in The Forks Market

Posted on Sep 20, 2023 by The Forks Market

Cheers to new beginnings!

We're thrilled to roll open the doors to Passerby, a unique cocktail and snack bar nestled into The Forks Market. True to its name, this charming space is open to all who happen to be passing by – no reservations required.

This exciting venture was brought to life with help from local virtuoso, Josey Krahn. Not only does Josey have an uncanny talent for crafting cocktails, both with and without alcohol, but he also has a unique gift of making people feel right at home.

"I’ve always been drawn to Montreal's tradition of Cinq à Sept," says Josey. This delightful practice serves as the cornerstone of Passerby, offering a casual excuse for people to sip, savor snacks, and relish the company of friends, colleagues, and the wider community. "It's that sweet window between work and dinner when conversations flow as smoothly as the cocktails do."

With a wealth of experience under his belt, Josey is eager to distill his expertise into a space that is inviting, inclusive, and a true ambassador of our city and its culture - just like The Forks!

A passerby can be anyone, and this philosophy is reflected in the menu, which caters to every palate, schedule, and whim. "One thing I've always admired about The Forks," notes Josey, "is that it's the one place where all types of people can effortlessly come together. It doesn't matter if you're carrying a backpack, a designer briefcase, or simply traveling light – everyone is welcome here, and our cozy spot is no exception."

The bar serves as a stage for creativity, offering a blend of classics and a line-up of artful cocktails. Most of the time, this spot will serve as your go-to neighborhood hang out spot. But on special occasions, cool pop-ups and collaborations will be featured here, offering a space for emerging local creatives!

Passerby is an outpost, extending the warm embrace of the beloved Common, where you can grab a snack, from inside or out in The Market, and enjoy it in the comforts of this space. A perfect hybrid between food hall and intimate sit-down dining. Our mission is simple: make every guest feel welcome, ensure you have a fantastic time, and leave with every intention of returning. Whether you're in the mood for an intimate visit with friends, a solo outing, or a lively gathering among strangers, Passerby caters to every scenario.

Today, as we swing open our doors, we extend a warm invitation to all. Join us in celebrating the joy of shared moments, the art of crafting cocktails, and the enchantment that fills the air as you pass by.

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