More of The Forks coming soon!

Posted on Mar 21, 2024 by The Forks Market

More of The Forks is coming soon!

Earlier today our CEO Sara Stasiuk had the privilege of speaking to over 400 folks at a Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce luncheon, and her primary message was that Railside at The Forks is closer than ever to becoming a reality.

Railside at The Forks has been in the public lore for many years now, and we’re very excited to be ready to break ground on the project later this year. This new development will transform two surface parking lots into a new mixed-used neighbourhood.

What does this really mean? It means more place to hang out together, more activities, more shopping, more food, more art, more culture, and more public spaces – more of The Forks! And for the first time ever, you will be able to live at The Forks.

The development will have full-time homes for about 2,000 people in an innovative, green, pedestrian-centric, high-density living space, that focusses on high-quality public spaces for all residents and everyone who visits.

Here are a few of the key takeaways from Sara’s exciting presentation:

1. Railside will be built for people

Railside will be a place for people to live, but it’s not being built exclusively for those people: it’s being built with input from the community for everyone to use and embrace. 

The first phase of the project will see 10 buildings built, ranging from four to six stories each in height. Within these 10 buildings there will be 337 residential units of varying sizes and price points – all of which will be on the second floor or above. The ground floor of all 10 buildings will be publicly accessible spaces, business, and services. That means over 50,000 square feet of restaurants, retail outlets, and services.

Plus, two distinct public courtyards and an excellent showing of public art.

2023 09 21 - Rear Lane and Boxcar Alley - with Peg Car Co-op.jpg (3.11 MB)

2. It takes community to build community 

It’s been a mantra of The Forks for some time, but it truly does take community to build and foster community. This community extends to all of the over 4-million guests that visit The Forks each year, plus in the case of the Railside development, this extends to vendors, shareholders, board members, artists, current tenants, future tenants, and developer partners:

  1. Alston Properties with 1X1 Architecture
  2. BurrowTech and 2 Architecture
  3. GSD with ATLRG Architecture
  4. StreetSide Developments with Prairie Architects
  5. Vishin Developments and TradeMark Homes with ATLRG Architecture
  6. University of Winnipeg Community Renewal Corporation 2.0 with LM Architectural Group

Plus, there is a potential for The Forks to be a building developer within the project, and we’re in the middle of an architect Request for Proposals process right now.

2023 09 21 - Israel Asper Way Looking North.jpg (269 KB)

3. Our prized fire hydrants 

Plenty of work has already taken place on the Railside site, but most of it is not visible above ground. This includes all of the underground services that were installed last fall, and the preparations for a district geothermal system.

The one small piece of work that has risen from the ground is our two prized fire hydrants. They stand proudly in strange looking positions in the surface parking lots, but are a symbol of the work to come, and the vibrant exciting development that is Railside. Next time you’re at The Forks feel free to take a walk past these hydrants and see if you can imagine the 10 buildings that will soon go up around them.

To learn more about Railside at The Forks visit Plus to stay up-to-date on building progress and potential apartment and condo opportunities within the development, fill out the form here:

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