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Posted on Jun 20, 2017 by The Forks Market

Hello friends!

We’re excited to serve you a great cup of coffee at The Forks! You might be familiar with our Broadway location, but we’ll be doing things just a wee bit differently at The Forks Market.

Since the Food Hall already has so many superb food choices, we’ve decided to leave the toasts + and other snack on Broadway and go all-out with our coffee set up – including favourites like lattes, london fogs, and nitro cold brew – but with the addition of pour-over modules and a few other unique items.

We’ll feature a fully stocked case of Bronuts doughnuts, pastries by our neighbours Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company, and Michael Harms, and Cocoabeans Bakeshop. We also have Green Carrot juices and Manitoba-sourced yogurt parfaits.

The reason we’re excited about the Modbar (in addition to the clean sight lines!) is that we can control water pressure and create volume profiles to improve the extraction of each bean. That’s why we highlight a variety of Canada’s best roasters – including Pilot and locally-roasted Dogwood Coffee.

We’ll keep a feature menu at the counter to highlight all of our changing coffee options. For coffee novelty-seekers who want to compare taste profiles, we’ll offer a coffee flight where you can sample our feature espresso, batch coffee, and gibraltar.

While our Broadway location also features beer and wine, The Common at the opposite end of the Food Hall has that covered. At The Forks, we’ll keep a small selection of whiskeys and other liquors designed to be perfectly paired with some of our coffee options ;)

Why we ???? the Forks

We’re humbled The Forks has welcomed us, and we feel that the market is the perfect location for our second shop. With Fools & Horses, we want to make you a perfect cup of coffee, but we aspire to do more than that. We want to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for employees and customers, and we work hard to reduce our ecological footprint. The Forks shares our zero waste mandate with their Target Zero initiative, and it is a gathering place for people from all walks of life.

The Forks is also helping to drive a renewed pride and well-being for our city – something we hoped to achieve in our own small way when we opened our first shop. Co-owner Lauren Kroeker-Lee said it best – “The Forks plays such an important role in connecting Winnipeggers to our collective history and in helping us to imagine and create an exciting future for our city.”

We're excited to take part in the continued improvement of our city and renewal at The Forks, and look forward to many years of caffeine-driven collaboration! #MeetMeAtTheForks


Amy Bortoluzzi

Lauren Kroeker-Lee

Kendra Magnus-Johnston

Benjamin Gillies

James Magnus-Johnston

...and all the Fools & Horses

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