4 Treats You Have to Try at Neon Cone This Summer

Posted on May 02, 2017 by The Forks Market

Warm sunny days like today are perfect reminders that summer is just around the corner, and one of our favourite ways to celebrate that as often as possible is to swing by Neon Cone, grab a couple of scoops, and chill on the patio.

Although you’ve probably been there for rum raisin or tiger tiger before, the shop – which has been a family-run staple at The Forks for more than twenty years – has so much more to offer than just the traditional standbys. They gave us the inside scoop (har-de-har) on what's brand new, and what you absolutely have to try.

1. Ice cream made in-house, at The Forks

Ice cream is a tricky and delicious science. There's a delicate balancing act between the cream and the rest of the ingredients, that can make or break the flavour or texture. Neon Cone has spent the winter months researching ice cream trends (could there be a worse job?!) perfecting their recipe, sourcing local ingredients, and concocting a line-up of outstandingly delicious flavours that are truly Manitoban.

With the advice and guidance of a real, Italian gelato specialist, they've also been making their own gelato in the shop for the past few years.

Featured above: maple whisky butter pecan. It's ok, we're drooling too.

2. Ice cream flights

Because you know you're going to want to taste them ALL, this helps eliminate the decision making process. Flights will feature four made-in-house flavours. We got to try a few of them, and haven't stopped thinking about them since. The flight on the left includes all house-made gelato flavours: (from top) dark chocolate, raspberry, mango, and lemon. On the right, homemade ice cream: local honey + lavender, espresso flake, strawberry rhubarb crumble, and carrot cake. Other flavours you might spot in the freezer this summer: Manitoba rooibos tea + blueberry as well as London fog (Earl grey tea + vanilla) with teas provided by local tea shop, Cornelia Bean. Yum.

3. Cookie Girl ice cream sandwiches

These aren’t the freezer-burned ice cream sandwiches that stuck to the paper you knew as a kid – this is the highly upgraded and doubly delicious version. Neon Cone has partnered with local baker Cookie Girl for a build-your-own ice cream sandwich that will make your sweet tooth swoon. Choose from cookie flavours like funfetti, peanut butter cup, or salted caramel and fill 'em with an ice cream like vanilla, chocolate, or hey, even cookie dough. They keep the ice cream in an extra-cold freezer so it's less prone leak out the sides on that first highly-anticipated bite. Genius.

For another delicious pairing, look for the Tall Grass Prairie Bread Co. brownies in Neon Cone's brownie sundaes this summer!

4. Rotating tap at Fro-Gurts

The family who owns Neon Cone also owns its frozen-yogurt counterpart, Fro-Gurts. While they always offer a selection of your favourite flavours, they also have a rotating seasonal tap – they featured pumpkin pie and gingerbread this winter. Coming up in May: juicy and refreshing blood orange.

Is your mouth watering yet? Neon Cone updates their Instagram account with photos of their newest flavours and specials. Check it out so you don’t miss a minute of the sprinkle-coated action!

by Diana Chabai, The Forks Marketing + Communications Intern. Diana's favourite ice cream flavour is usually mint chocolate chip, but Neon Cone's strawberry rhubarb crumble might be the new winner.


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