Getting Cool for School: Back-to-School Shopping at The Forks

Posted on Aug 19, 2016 by The Forks Market

It's almost that time again – back to school! The end of August means you're probably double and triple checking your schedule, making sure your son or daughter's backpack is in good shape, or packing a cart full of notebooks, pencils, and crayons for the year ahead.

When you're checking off items on your school supply list, stop by The Forks Market to buy extra special school supplies and #shoplocal!

We put together your full back-to-school shopping list, so all you have to do is check them off as you wander around The Forks:


Whether you're packing a meal for the kids or making one for yourself, it's important to eat well during school year.

PackIt Freezable lunch bags from Generation Green
By packing a lunch every day, you are saving money by limiting your amount of fast food and restaurants trips. You are also helping save the environment by reducing the amount of packaging that ends up in landfills.
In-house roasted coffee from Espresso Junction
Come get your study-fuel! Did you know that you can buy high-quality coffee that's roasted right on The Forks site? Espresso Junction carries a large selection of coffee that rotates flavours about every two weeks.


Sometimes the most exciting part of school supply shopping is buying your outfit for school pictures or finding the perfect vest for a little confidence boost.

Pebble & Dime Camel Vest from Forks Trading Company
A cozy vest is the perfect addition to a comfy dress or pair of jeans – perfect for the mornings when you just want to toss something on and head to school.

Bamboo dress from Hempyrean

Once you put this dress on, you won't want to take it off. The bamboo is SO soft! It will be perfect for looking good and feeling good in a hurry, and it will look really cute under your new vest!

BauXo tote bag from Forks Trading Company

You'll need something cool to carry around all your books and notes in. This tote bag is the perfect size for a notebook, a few books, and a 13-inch laptop.

New kicks from Sk8 Skates

If you have teens, you know they can be notoriously hard to shop for. Sk8 Skate's store is so well curated that you will have a hard time finding something that your son or daughter doesn't like!


Big box-stores often carry the same products, making it hard to stand out in the crowd. Find school supplies that match your new get-up and reduce waste!

Onyx + Green school supplies from Generation Green
The Onyx + Green notebook is made without any paper. Yeah, a notebook without paper, cool right? The pages are made out of stone and the cover is cork. They also make a huge range of eco-friendly school supplies made from bamboo and other earth-friendly materials.

Dreaming Tree Paper Company notebooks from Forks Trading Company

These notebooks will either have you nostalgic for your favorite childhood book. Or, if you're buying for the kids, they'll love taking notes and drawing in a notebook up-cycled from their favorite childrens' books.
Glasses from Eye GO Mobile Optical
Make sure you or your kids can see the white board with glasses to match the rest of your back-to-school style.


Stress can make it even harder to study, so make sure you or your kids have everything they need for a little relaxation time. Everyone deserves a moment to kick up their feet!

Boreal Wildcraft "The Wall" tea mugs from Forks Trading Company
With this mug, all you need is water and tea. After a night cramming for exams or finishing a project, sit back and enjoy a cup of tea – you deserve it!
Yoga mat from Generation Green
Yoga is a great escape from the classroom whether you're a kid or an adult. Studies show that physical activity reduced stress and improves concentration – sounds like exactly what you need during school, right?
Dream catcher from Teekca's Aboriginal Boutique
We know that sometimes school can feel like the stuff of nightmares. Hang a dream catcher over your bed to protect yourself from the real nightmares and to make sure you get your well-needed rest.


It's easy to let studying get in the way of our skin-care routine, so make sure you have everything you or your kids need to stay in tip-top shape all year.

Mama Pacha skin care from Generation Green
These skin care products are all natural and eco-friendly. You can even refill some of the containers right at Generation Green. There is a HUGE range of products for you to choose from, so you're keeping fresh for the school year.
Good luck this year!

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