Picking Something Fresh in the Public Orchard

Posted on Jul 13, 2016 by The Forks Market

What's better than walking around, enjoying the summer sun, and picking berries right from the branch? Picking berries in the heart of Winnipeg's downtown! The fruit in our Public Orchard is starting to ripen, and we can't wait until you can harvest fruit from the trees. Yes – you can pick the fruit for FREE!

In 2013, Winnipeg CORE helped us install 61 fruit trees and as many as 75 fruit bearing shrubs as a part of our Target Zero initiative. Since the trees and shrubs are still fairly young, it will take 2 or 3 years until all the plants are producing the fruits of their labour.

BUT, some of the plants in the Public Orchard are very close to giving us summer treats!

Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Ben Connan Currant

Taste: Rich blackcurrant flavour
When they're ripe: When they are a deep purple (darker than in this photo)
Use them for: Blackcurrant Shortbread Bars

  1. Goji Berry
    Our Goji Berry plants are currently full of flowers like these ones that will soon produce fruit!Taste: Slightly bitter with a sweet berry aftertaste
    When they're ripe: When they turn bright red and taste slightly sweet
    Use them for: Pineapple Goji Berry Smoothie

  2. Northline Saskatoon Berry

Taste: Sweet and juicy
When they're ripe: When they are a deep purple
Use them for: Saskatoon Berry Ice Cream

  1. Goodland Apple

Taste: Crisp and tender sweetness
When they're ripe: When nearly half the apple has turned red
Use them for: Classic Apple Turnovers

  1. Double Delight Raspberry

Taste: Classic and sweet
When they're ripe: When they turn bright red and taste sweet
Use them for: Raspberry Lemonade Yogurt Popcicles

  1. Pixwell Gooseberry

Taste: Boozy grape-like flavor
When they're ripe: When they turn red and feel soft (pick green berries for cooking)
Use them for: Gooseberry and Elderflower Jam

Full list of fruit in the Public Orchard:

Berries & Cherries:****Apples & Pears:****Plums & Apricots:- Tundra Honeyberry

  • Red Lake Currant

  • Pixwell Gooseberry

  • Polaris Blueberry

  • Goji Berry

  • Northern Sky Blueberry

  • Northline Saskatoon Berry

  • Double Delight Raspberry

  • Highbush Cranberry

  • Theissen Saskatoon Berry

  • Ben Connan Currant

  • Nankin Cherry

  • Black Nankin Cherry

  • Carmine Jewel Cherry

  • Cupid Cherry

  • Evans Cherry

  • Crimson Passion Cherry

  • Russian Orange Sea Buckthorn

  • Milstream Apple

  • Goodland Apple

  • Zestar Apple

  • McIntosh Apple

  • Goodmac Apple

  • Red Sparkle Apple

  • Prairie Magic Apple

  • Fall Red Apple

  • Carroll Apple

  • Apple Multi-graft

  • Dexter Jackson Apple

  • Prairie Sun Apple

  • Northland Apple

  • Norkent Apple

  • Early Gold Pear

  • Golden Spice Pear

  • Ure Pear

  • Toka Plum

  • Pembina Plum

  • Westcot Apricot

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Happy picking!


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