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Simon's Steaks

  • Simon's Steaks
  • Simon's Steaks
  • Simon's Steaks

Simon's Cuisine has a new name and a new menu to match.  Now called Simon’s Steaks, chef José Sturym is serving classic steakhouse favourites with an Argentine twist.


Featuring several different high-quality cuts of beef for grilling — including ribeye, New York strip, beef tenderloin, sirloin and more — which they only season with coarse salt and do not marinate so the natural flavour of the meat shines through.

There are also a handful of chicken dishes if beef isn’t your thing. Definitely give their take on a chicken Philly sandwich a try! Can’t go wrong with melted cheese, chicken, veggies and a garlic aoili.

And if you’re not salivating yet, just wait until you see the side dishes.

You’ve got your traditional bffs of grilled steak, like a fully loaded baked potato, fries, onion rings and salads. But there’s also some Simon’s-only offerings such as a creamed spinach with ricotta that will blow your mind, and, of course, those empanadas you already know and love.

And for those empanada enthusiasts out there, don’t fret! A selection of the most popular ones are still available, but they are now accompanied by a menu that will satisfy any meat-lover’s cravings.




Sun. - Thurs. 11:30am - 8pm | Fri. + Sat. 11:30am - 9pm