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Package Free and Planet Approved, Planet Pantry is a low-waste shop and liquid bulk refillery. Folks looking for ethically sourced and sustainable goods need look no further. Customers are encouraged to BYOC (bring your own containers) and fill up liquid soaps, detergents, and even mouthwash! If you need a container to fill in a pinch, Planet Pantry has you covered with deposit jars you can purchase and receive your refund when you return it or keep it for your own use.

Featuring many local and Canadian products, Planet Pantry is committed to sourcing products as close to home, and from as many singular sources as possible to reduce their carbon footprint. Any packaging you do see in store can be recycled, composted, repurposed, or refilled. No single-use plastic waste here! Sam & Tyrell, the store’s owners and operators, are excited to help educate and encourage you to find low-waste solutions that suit your needs and abilities.


Monday: Closed, Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 11am-5pm

(204) 306-3735