Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Recover.  

Our Target Zero recycling strategy is under constant review. In response to research, results from our waste audits, and consultations with sustainability leaders, we are taking a holistic approach to recycling, with an emphasis on the first “R”: reducing waste at the source.

Some of these recycling initiatives include:

  • Building and operating a compost site using a BIOVATOR to reduce organic waste sent to the landfill
  • Recovering compost from the Biovator to use as soil amendment in our flour beds, orchard, and turf on The Forks site.
  • Introducing reusable service ware for food service tenants and building a central dish washing station to reduce plastic cutlery and containers
  • Implementing sorting stations staffed by Forks personnel to recover post-consumer organic waste and reduce contamination in recyclables
  • Installing a cardboard bailer to compact carboard packaging for recycling markets
  • Recovering waste vegetable oil and processing it for use as fuel in Forks machinery
  • Reducing plastic waste by eliminating plastic shopping bags and single-use plastic beverage containers

Is this paper coffee cup recyclable?  What about the lid?

Don’t worry, the staff behind the sorting stations have you covered! The sorting stations located behind The Common Bar and on The Common Patio are the key to our successful recycling program. As market demands shift, and technologies become available, our trained personnel at the sorting stations eliminate the confusion of what is, or is not recyclable at The Forks. If you would like to help, simply bring your waste to one of the sorting stations and we will take care of the rest.