Rail Side Lands and Parcel 4 Planning Initiative

The Rail Side Lands and Parcel 4 Planning Initiative

The Forks Renewal Corporation has been engaged by the City of Winnipeg to undertake an integrated planning initiative for two key properties at The Forks, directly across from the new Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Over the next year, citizens and stakeholders will have opportunities to provide input for that plan.

Since the beginning of the renewal of The Forks in 1989, these two sites have only ever been surface parking lots. The original Forks Plan envisioned these sites being revitalized with a mix of uses that would add to the energy that now characterizes the entire Forks site.

The opening of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights will bring international attention to The Forks and to our capital city. The objective is to improve these sites to match the urban design standard set by the surrounding Forks amenities and to complement the world class architecture of the new museum.

In 2011 the Forks was awarded the title of the Canada’s top public space in the Great Places in Canada contest. The revitalization of these lands presents a tremendous opportunity to build on that track record.