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Bee2gether Bikes

Bee2gether Tandem Bike Rentals and Sales gives people an opportunity to travel throughout Winnipeg, surrounding neighbourhoods, and along the river while riding one person in front of another on Tandem Bikes or on a variety of other pedal-powered novelty bikes. Bee2gether Bikes provides friends, families, and tourists an opportunity to explore Winnipeg in a fun, healthy, and sociable way.

Rent a single, tandem, or other unique pedal-powered novelty bike from Bee2gether Bikes, located on the corner of Forks Market Road and Waterfront Drive (look for the yellow and black Boler camper).

Personal bicycle tours are also available.

Click here for a copy of the Bee2gether Bikes brochure.

Hours of Operation

May & June
Thurs - Sat | 11am - 10pm
Sun | 11am - 7pm

July - Labour Day long weekend
Mon - Sat | 11am - 10pm
Sun | 11am - 7pm

Hours may be affected by weather conditions, and can be negotiated if special arrangements are made.

Contact Info

P: (204) 298-2925