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Target Zero

WE’VE GOT AN IMPRESSIVE GOAL: zero garbage, zero water waste and zero carbon emissions.

We get nearly four million visitors a year. That’s a lot of garbage, a lot of toilets being flushed, a lot of exhaust from cars and a lot of expensive power to heat and cool our buildings. It’s also a lot of money going up the chimney, out the window, down the drain and into the garbage. So, we’ve come up with TARGET ZERO as a way to be good to the environment while saving money.

With TARGET ZERO we are working hard to reduce our impact on the Earth, so we’re taking every step we can to implement innovative and responsible environmental practices.

We've completed a number of projects to-date:

Geothermal Heat Pump System

The Forks Market has replaced its old HVAC system with a closed vertical loop geothermal heat pump system.


From French fries to tractor fuel, we’ve converted used oil that comes out of our restaurants’ deep fryers to fuel that powers our equipment at The Forks.


We are currently composting materials from our full and fast food service restaurants and fresh food producer at The Forks Market.

Water Use

By changing the way we use water, The Forks Market alone saves three Olympic-sized pools of water every year.


An effective recycling program is now underway throughout The Forks.

Target Zero Eco-Kids Tours, presented by MMSM

Our Target Zero Eco Kids Tour presented by Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba is an innovative and interactive walking tour that teaches kids how to minimize their carbon footprint by showcasing what we have done here at The Forks.The tours, created and executed in conjunction with Green Kids Inc., offers a 60 minute interactive walking experience for school aged children. Led by two actors, the tour stops at Target Zero hot spots like the Biovator, the geothermal loops, the rain water collectors near the parkade and finishes with a personal message the kids can do at home, reducing, reusing and recycling.

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Future Projects

Because Target Zero is ongoing, we’re constantly looking for more ways to change our impact on the environment. There are a lot of exciting plans in the mix.