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Location and Directions

Boot, bike, blade, boat, bus, buggy or Buick will all bring you to The Forks. Reach The Forks on Waterfront Drive from Pioneer or Water Avenue and through three entrances off Main Street: Via the Fort Gibraltar Trail at the foot of the Bridge of The Old Forts on Main Street, through the underpass just south of Union Station, and through The Forks underpass at Main Street and York Avenue.

Using a GPS device?  Type in 1 Forks Market Road.  That will bring you to the centre of The Forks site, right up to The Forks Market.


A combination of daily, hourly and free three-hour parking for Forks visitors is available. There are also identified handicap stalls close to all facilities.

School bus parking

We are currently unable to accommodate bus parking at The Forks. Buses are still welcome to pick up/drop off on site, but will need to arrange parking by calling 311. 

Bus parking for visitors to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights or any other venue not located on The Forks site must also be arranged with the City of Winnipeg by calling 311.

To contact 311 outside of Winnipeg, please dial 1-877-311-4974.

By Boot, Bike, Blade, Boat or Bus...

Pedestrian and bicycle access is available along the Riverwalk and other pathways.

Free three-hour docking is provided for those arriving by boat and canoe.

Splash Dash Water Bus Service

Serving several docks throughout downtown Winnipeg with a dock to dock service, the service links Osborne Village, the grounds of the Legislature, Taché Dock, St. Boniface Hospital and the Exchange District from its home port at The Forks. The Water Buses are wheelchair accessible and operate seven days a week. A charter service and half hour interpretive tours are also available on Splash Dash. Call 204.783.6633 for more information or go to

Click here for the Splash Dash brochure including rates and tours offered.

Transit services are available to The Forks with the #38 Salter route and the free Downtown Spirit Bus Service. Call the Transit information line at 204.986.5700 for details.

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Here it is in PDF format (size 921 KB). It’s a site map of The Forks and includes store locations and key landmarks. The map is 11x17 so you can print it at a large size if you like. However, if you’re printing to a normal 8.5 x 11 letter-sized page, check off "Scale to fit" in the printing options.