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Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Soon to be one of the most spectacular and unique destinations in Canada, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) was established to provide a place for Canadians, and the world, to explore the subject of human rights, to encourage reflection and dialogue, and to empower visitors to help create a world where everyone is respected and valued. Canada’s Museum for Human Rights will inspire debate about human rights issues and will leave visitors with a sense of hope that their actions can lead to change.

The CMHR will use digital technology, oral histories, first-person accounts, artefacts, theatre, film, art, and photography to tell human rights stories from the past, present, and future. It will focus on rights as well as responsibilities, and will provide visitors with a transformational experience both in person and online.

The CMHR was the first national museum established since 1967, and the first national museum to be located outside the National Capital Region. The unique construction of the CMHR, designed by world-renowned architect Antoine Predock, will undoubtedly become an icon on Winnipeg’s skyline. Currently under construction on Treaty One land at the Forks.

Seasonal Guided Perimeter Tours:
The 2012 guided perimeter tour program for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights has concluded for the season. Please come back and read about our future programming as our amazing museum takes shape!

Self-guided QR Tour:
Take a perimeter tour of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights construction site using your smart phone! QR barcodes are set up along the perimeter tour route and link to an audio tour that shares details about the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. QR tours begin at stop 1 which is located on the South-western part of the perimeter fence and proceeds eastward for a total of five stops.

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