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Shopping at The Forks

Sensational shopping is available year round at The Forks. With nearly 75 shops on site, there is truly something for everyone. Primarily located in two buildings, The Forks Market and Johnston Terminal, The Forks offers a totally unique shopping experience in the heart of the city. Find everything from handmade jewelry to aboriginal art, treasures from around the world, toys, and clothing.

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Shopping Details

Dragon House

Do you know how important it is to maintain good Feng Shui? People believe good Feng Shui is not just about being healthy, wealthy, or achieving success. It can enrich lives, reduce aggravations and bring happiness into relationships. It is about feeling happy, prosperous and content. Some of the good Feng Shui items you can find at the Dragon House are: dragons, turtles elephants, money Buddha, money frog, wind charms and crystal balls.

Are you a Bruce Lee Fan? Dragon House carries Bruce Lee style clothing, posters, and accessories. Oriental treasures include Jade Jewellery and lucky charms, clothing, parasols, fans, lanterns, swords, tea and tea sets, sushi sets, and Sanrio Items.