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Core Business and Activities

The Partnership is involved in certain business and core activities regarding the ownership, development and management of its two sites that include land investment properties and public amenities. The business components have, for the most part, evolved out of the original plans for both sites with certain projects maintained in the portfolio awaiting the future of potential development. The public amenities and services offered by The Partnership and its partners complement the revenue-generating endeavours and form an integral part of the ongoing activities.

The Partnership currently operates the following commercial activities:


  • Union Station, 130-123 Main St. 


  • Webbsite Condominiums, 443 Webb Place

Parking Facilities

  • Portage Place parkade, 393 Portage Avenue
  • Investors Syndicate parkade, 447 Portage Avenue
  • Place Promenade parkade, P2 level, 400 Webb Place
  • Surface parking at The Forks
  • The Forks parkade
  • MTS parking lot

Retail & Historic

  • The Forks Market

Leased Property (lands owned by The Partnership, developments owned and operated by others):

  • North Portage
  • Portage Place Shopping Centre
  • Investors Syndicate Head Office
  • Kiwanis Chateau Seniors' Residence
  • Fred Douglas Seniors' Residence
  • Place Promenade apartment complex
  • ISM computer facility
  • HI Hostel

The Forks Site Tenants

  • Manitoba Theatre for Young People
  • Citytv Studio Facility
  • Travel Manitoba
  • The Forks National Historic Site
  • Johnston Terminal Office and Retail Complex
  • The Inn at the Forks
  • Children's Museum (Kinsmen Building)
  • Sugar Mountain Express
  • The Canadian Museum For Human Rights

The Partnership has developed public amenities and external relationships and, in many cases, maintains to enhance the viability and public usage of its sites and the downtown and surrounding neighbourhood.

Public Amenities and Services:

  • Broadway Promenade
  • Historic Rail Bridge
  • Festival Park Stage
  • The Forks Market Plaza
  • The Forks Market Tower
  • The Forks Historic Port
  • The Riverwalk
  • Oodena Celebration Circle
  • Peace Meeting Site
  • Public Art
  • Splash Dash
  • The Plaza at The Forks
  • Spirit Island (South Point)
  • The Balance of the Spirit Within
  • The Forks Lift
  • The Forks Prairie Garden
  • The Wall Through Time
  • The Tache Loop
  • The South Point Douglas bikeway

Programming, Festivals and Special Events:

  • Arctic Glacier Winter Park 
  • Festival of Fools
  • Canada 150 at The Forks 
  • Red River Mutual Trail
  • New Year’s Eve at The Forks
  • Prairie Barge Festival
  • Warming Huts