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Skating Trails and Park Conditions

ALWAYS USE CAUTION and look out for warning signage while skating. Conditions can change quickly due to weather, especially when it's warm, or after a snowfall.

Arctic Glacier Winter Park

Rink Under the Canopy - CLOSED

Hockey Rink in Festival Park Stage -  CLOSED

1 km of skating trail on land 

  • Trails near Festival Park Stage -  CLOSED
  • Trail across rail bridge - CLOSED
  • Upper Trails - CLOSED


The Toboggan Hill - Open

Crokicurl - CLOSED


Red River Mutual Trail

The Forks Port Rink: CLOSED

The Forks Port - Queen Elizabeth Way: CLOSED
Queen Elizabeth Way - Churchill Drive: CLOSED
Churchill Drive - St. Vital Bridge: CLOSED

The Forks Port - Legislature: CLOSED
Legislature - Donald St.: CLOSED
Donald St. - Osborne Village: CLOSED
Osborne Village - Hugo Docks: CLOSED
Hugo Docks - Arlington: CLOSED


  • The Forks Port: CLOSED
  • Legislature: CLOSED
  • Osborne: CLOSED
  • Donald: CLOSED
  • Hugo Dock: CLOSED
  • Queen Elizabeth Way: CLOSED
  • Balsam Place: CLOSED
  • Arlington: CLOSED
  • St. Vital Bridge: CLOSED


Trails last groomed: 12:45 PM on March 3, 2018 

Red River Mutual Trail conditions:

  • are updated at minimum once daily
  • vary with weather conditions and extent of use.

The Red River Mutual Trail is built upon a moving body of water and the quality of the ice surface is not comparable to a flat surface or an indoor arena.

Click here for a complete listing of  Arctic Glacier Winter Park Amenities and The Red River Mutual Trail.