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Skating Trails and Park Conditions

Arctic Glacier Winter Park: 

Rink Under the Canopy - Poor

Hockey Rink in Festival Park Stage - Poor

1 km of skating trail on land

          Trails near Festival Park Stage - Poor

          Trail across rail bridge - Poor

The Snowboard Fun Park  - Fair

The Toboggan Hill - Fair

Great-West Life Snow Lounge - Open

Red River Mutual Trail

The Forks Port Rink: Poor

The Forks Port - Queen Elizabeth Way: Poor

Queen Elizabeth Way to Churchill Drive: Poor

Churchill Drive to St. Vital Bridge: Poor

Nothing at this time.

Total distance 6.1 km


The Forks Port: OPEN
Queen Elizabeth Way: OPEN
Churchill Drive: OPEN
St. Vital: OPEN

Last updated 6:40 pm February 6, 2016

Red River Mutual Trail conditions:

• are updated at minimum once daily, usually in the morning,
• are open to interpretation,
• vary with weather conditions and extent of use.

The Red River Mutual Trail is built upon a moving body of water and the quality of the ice surface is not comparable to a flat surface or an indoor arena.

Click here for a complete listing of  Arctic Glacier Winter Park Amenities and The Red River Mutual Trail.

During the winter season Skate rentals are available at Iceland Skate Rentals located in The Forks Market Tower Atrium, adjacent to the Mini Donuts Factory. Rates are $3 for children and seniors, and $5 for adults. Call 204.257.0288 or 204.955.8814 for group bookings.