Historic Rail Bridge Closure Update

Posted on Jan 03, 2024 by The Forks Market

The Historic Rail Bridge remains closed for safety reasons. We don't know when the bridge will reopen, however we are actively working on a solution. 

Although it may appear that nothing has been happening since the closure several months ago, we’ve been working on an engineering assessment of the bridge structure, deck and concrete counterweight. In order to complete the assessment, we’ll have to send crews onto the river once it freezes to assess the underside of the bridge, and the bridge must remain completely closed in the meantime. 

At this point, we know this is going to be very costly to repair, and we don’t have a timeline for the project.  

It's a really disappointing situation and we totally empathize with visitors’ and commuters' frustration.  

Not only does it inhibit access to Niizhoziibean (South Point), a key part of The Forks site, the public art pieces that live there along with The Gathering Space, it also blocks our site crew and eco team from accessing our Biovator composting site where we work every day. 

We are working on a plan for repair, but it’s going to take a lot of time and money. We’ll continue to provide updates as we know more. 


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