River Trail

Closed for the season.

Experience a Winnipeg tradition and skate, walk, run, or sled your way along the River Trail. Starting in the heart of the city, the Guinness World Record-holding longest naturally frozen skating trail in the world offers the unique experience of seeing the sights of Winnipeg from the frozen Red and Assiniboine Rivers.


The River Trail is about more than just skating. Venture out and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities: walking, curling, hockey, rugby, family activities, cycling, broomball, and more. Join us for special events the whole family can enjoy on select weekends throughout the winter.

Warming Huts v.2019: An Art & Architecture Competition on Ice Presented by Artis REIT

Spot five new, one-of-a-kind huts out on the trail this year, including a performance pavilion, complete with performace by Terje Isungset, ice musician from Norway, performing using instruments created out of ice from the Red River. For more information, visit warminghuts.com

Visit our online Calendar of Events for a complete list of all events happening at The Forks.

River Trail Tips

  1. Be sure to enter and exit the trail from the designated access points. The riverbank is unstable along certain sections and may not be safe to use.
  2. Find out what trail conditions are like by checking this website. It will be updated daily with grooming reports, closures, and trail conditions.
  3. Check the wind direction. You may not feel the wind if it’s at your back, but it may be an issue when skating in to it.
  4. Know your limits. 5 kilometres is nice trek, but remember it’s also 5 kilometres back.
  5. Slow down when approaching the bridges. Sand from the streets above can sometimes fall onto the trail making it uneven.
  6. Remember the river is a moving organic entity. Surface cracks can appear anywhere along the trail. Be vigilant.
  7. On snowfall days please stay off the trail until we can clear it. Packed snow is very hard to remove.
  8. Watch out for flooding machines, tractors and Zambonis.
  9. Respect private property and stay away from outfalls and thin ice signs.
  10. If you have garbage, keep it with you and dispose of it properly.
  11. Furry friends are welcome, but please keep them on-leash and ensure you clean up after them.

Skate Rentals

Skate Rentals are available from Iceland Skate Rentals located in The Forks Market from 10am to 10pm daily.

Rental Rates

  • Children and Seniors - $4
  • Adults - $6
  • Skate trainers are available - $3
  • Skate sharpening available - $6

Call (204) 955-8814 for more information or to book your group’s skate rentals.


When does the River Trail open/close?

The River Trail is completely dependent on the weather and ice conditions. Therefore we do not have a set open or close date. In the past the trail has opened in January and usually closes in March. Check the website for updates.

Why are some sections of the trail closed even if I think the river looks safe to skate on?

The River Trail is monitored daily and closes based on ice quality, cracks, and the ability to get our ice grooming machines to that particular section of the Trial. We close sections for the safety of guests and staff so it is only safe to skate on the sections our website lists as open. Check our website for daily updates and conditions.

How do I access the River Trail?

You can access the River Trail from The Forks and there are a variety of other access points along the river. Make sure to check the website for which access points are open.

Does The Forks rent skates and where can I get them?

Yes skate rentals are available from Iceland Skate Rentals located in The Forks Market from 10am to 10pm daily. Rates are $4 for children and seniors and $6 for adults. Skate trainers are available for $3. Call (204) 955-8814 for more information or to book your group’s skate rentals.

How long is the River Trail and where does it go?

The River Trail is on the Assiniboine and/or Red Rivers. Where the River Trail goes and the length of the trail varies every year. It is dependent on how the river freezes and weather conditions. Check website for up to date information on the trail.

When is the River Trail groomed?

The River Trail is groomed daily using a variety of methods. Check the website for ice conditions.

Are there places to eat on the River Trail?

The Forks Market offers a wide variety of international quick-service food vendors and sit-down restaurants. There are food vendors on the River Trail, such as the pop-up restaurant Raw: Almond, select evenings and weekends.

How much does the River Trail cost?

The River Trail is completely free for people to use.

When do the Warming Huts go on the trail?

We typically get the Warming Huts built and on the trail for the third week of January but the process is weather dependent. Check the website for updates.

What are the hours of the River Trail?

There are no set hours for the River Trail. However the ice is groomed late night or early morning so be aware of machines and staff on the ice.


Opening the River Trail - from ChrisD.ca

The Rick Mercer Report: Rick at The Forks

Video segment from The Rick Mercer Report- Rick travels to Winnipeg to check out the warming huts on the world’s longest skating surface at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers.


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