Faunal Analysis of Upper Fort Garry: Social and Economic Implications

Seyers, Linda

This thesis looks at faunal recoveries from Upper Fort Garry (DlLg-21). Over 5000 specimens were analysed with the goals of reconstructing the pattern of animal utilisation during the occupation of the fort; comparing this reconstruction with historical and archaeological records of animal use in the Red River Settlement (mid-a800s); and examination of how diet and economic position relate. Identification of the faunal remains, and archival and documentary investigations determined animal utilisation differed in terms of species and selected body parts and that varied social and economic contexts are reflected in chosen food items. It is concluded that faunal remains can be used in considering economic position of consumers, thus enhancing interpretation of Upper Fort Garry.

Seyers, Linda. 1988. Faunal Analysis of Upper Fort Garry: Social and Economic Implications. Winnipeg: M.A. thesis, Department of Anthropology, University of Manitoba.
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