Skating Trails & Park Conditions

ALWAYS USE CAUTION and look out for warning signage while skating. Conditions can change quickly due to weather, especially when it's warm, or after a snowfall.

Arctic Glacier Winter Park

Rink Under the Canopy: OPEN

Hockey Rink at CN Stage: OPEN

1 km of skating trail on land: OPEN

  • Trails near CN Stage: OPEN
  • Trail across rail bridge: OPEN
  • Upper Trails: OPEN

Crokicurl: OPEN

Trails last groomed: January 15, 9:30 AM

Red River Mutual Trail

  • The Forks Port Rink: OPEN
  • Red River Sections: 
    • The Forks Port to Queen Elizabeth Way: OPEN
  • Assiniboine River Sections: 
    • The Forks Port to Legislature: OPEN
    • Legislature to Donald Street: OPEN
    • Donald Street to Osborne Village: OPEN
    • Osborne Village to Hugo Docks: CLOSED

Trail conditions: After testing ice + noting some hazardous areas, the section from OSBORNE to HUGO remains CLOSED. For your safety, please only access the trail from the access points listed below + stay on the groomed, open parts of the trail. 
Last updated: January 15, 9:30AM

Trail Access Points

  • The Forks Port: OPEN
  • Legislature: CLOSED
  • Osborne: OPEN
  • Donald: OPEN
  • Hugo Dock: CLOSED
  • Queen Elizabeth Way: OPEN

Red River Mutual Trail conditions

  • are updated at minimum once daily
  • vary with weather conditions and extent of use.


The Red River Mutual Trail is built upon a moving body of water and the quality of the ice surface is not comparable to a flat surface or an indoor arena.

Learn more about the full amenities available for the Arctic Glacier Winter Park Amenities and the Red River Mutual Trail.