The Forks North Portage Partnership

The Forks North Portage Partnership, a key stakeholder in the development of the downtown, is responsible for the ownership, management and continuing renewal of The Forks and North Portage sites.

Mission, Mandate, and Vision

The mission of The Forks North Portage Partnership is to act as a catalyst, encouraging activities for people in the downtown area through public and private partnerships, revitalization strategies; and to work to ensure financial self-sufficiency:

North Portage

The North Portage neighbourhood shall be a centre of commerce, culture and living, integrated to form a diverse downtown community through a mixture of public uses including: residential, commercial and institutional, recreational, educational and entertainment facilities.

The Forks

The Forks shall be developed as a 'Meeting Place,' a special and distinct, all-season gathering and recreational place at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, through a mixed-use approach including recreational, historical and cultural, residential, and institutional and supportive commercial uses.

The business of the Partnership is to provide as many reasons as possible for people 'to live, work and play in the downtown.' As more people live, work, or play downtown, more services and entertainment will be developed to serve them. Vitality at The Forks and North Portage is the result of a diverse mix of facilities and activities that reinforce one another, all bringing people into the downtown.

Governance & Management

North Portage Development Corporation (NPDC) was incorporated on December 13, 1983, under the laws of Manitoba as a community development corporation and commenced operations on that date. The objective of the Corporation is to provide a mechanism for implementing the redevelopment of the North Portage area through a combination of investments by the Corporation, the private sector, institutions and governments. The Corporation is owned equally by the following shareholders: Federal Government of Canada, the Province of Manitoba, and the City of Winnipeg.

The Forks Renewal Corporation (FRC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of NPDC. FRC was incorporated on July 24, 1987 under the laws of Manitoba and commenced operations July 29, 1987. The objective of the Corporation is to provide a mechanism for implementing the redevelopment of the former CN East Yards area through a combination of investments by the Corporation, the private sector, institutions, and governments.

The operations of the two Corporations were merged in 1994 to form The Forks North Portage Partnership. The Partnership is governed by a ten-member Board of Directors. 

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Current Board of Directors

Rick Bel


Currently owner, Fort Garry Hotel and Sandpiper Restaurant Group. Previously owner of Sandpiper and Prairie Oyster Restaurant. Former Professor of Economics at the University of Manitoba and Professor of Economics at Kobe University in Japan and Lecturer in Economics at London’s School of Economics. Prior to that, Rick pursued doctoral studies at the London School of Economics.

David Asper, QC

Board Member

David has had a varied career as a lawyer, law professor, business executive, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is currently President of Sensible Capital Corp. which manages a portfolio of private equity investments. He has an extensive record of public service having served as Chair of CentreVenture, Winnipeg Folk Festival, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, two Grey Cup Festivals in Winnipeg and the Winnipeg Police Board. He recently retired as Chair of The Asper Foundation and is currently Chair of the Manitoba Police Commission. David is a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors and was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2019. David is also  a proud member of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Hall of Fame.

Bonnie Emerson

Board Member

Bonnie Emerson is a community-oriented leader, a member of the Métis nation and in her 26th year with the Winnipeg Police Service. She is currently a staff sergeant assigned to the community support division, which includes Indigenous partnerships, school resource officers, crime prevention, and victim and volunteer services. She has a bachelor of arts in criminology from the University of Manitoba, French language training, and has also taken multiple courses in mediation and collective impact. Emerson sits on numerous committees including the City of Winnipeg Indigenous Management Committee, the Indigenous Council to the Police Board, the Intergovernmental Strategic Aboriginal Alliance and the Rainbow Society.

Tim Hibbard

Board Member

From 2003-2014, Tim served on the board of the Forks North Portage Partnership in an ex-officio capacity representing the federal shareholder.  He has held senior management positions in social, cultural, environmental and economic portfolios in four federal departments.  He has extensive experience working with leaders across government as well as the private and not-for-profit sectors. Tim chairs the Finance and Audit Committee. 

Tim holds a Bachelor of Arts from McMaster University, and a Maîtrise ès Lettres modernes from the Université de Paris X (Nanterre), France. 

Conor Lloyd, APR

Board Member

Conor Lloyd is a highly skilled and award winning communication and public relations specialist with more than ten years of experience in the field of internal and external communications, government relations, media relations, and issues management. Conor serves on a number of boards and committees that help celebrate the rich history and culture of our City. Conor is a Citizen Member on the City of Winnipeg Museums Board, a Director on the Theatre Projects Manitoba Board, and the President of the Manitoba Society of the Canadian Public Relations Society of Canada.

Conor serves in a senior communications role at Red River College, working closely with the College’s Senior Leader Leadership Team, and he’s also a member of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Conor is a graduate of the University of Winnipeg with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, and is a graduate of Red River College from the Creative Communications Program.

Daniel Lussier

Board Member

Appointed in 2007, Daniel Lussier is CEO of the Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba (CHCM). CHCM was created by the Grey Nuns in 2000 and sponsors 15 health and human service agencies providing compassionate care and support to Manitobans.  CHCM’s mission is to empower people and foster solutions to prevent and alleviate suffering where the needs are greatest. CHCM works in community to make strategic investments and to provide support to new and innovative projects that are responding to emerging and pressing needs.

Prior to joining CHCM, Daniel served as a Senior Policy Advisor and Executive Assistant to the late Hon. Ron Duhamel who served as Federal Minister of several portfolios including Western Economic Diversification; Chief of Staff for Glen Murray, Mayor of the City of Winnipeg; and Executive Director of Festival du Voyageur.

Daniel has received his ICD.D designation from the Institute of Corporate Directors, is a Fellow of the Community Shift Executive Development Program at the Ivey School of Business and has sat on many community boards. Currently he is a member of the Executive Committee of the Société de la francophonie manitobaine, Chair of Investissement Immobilier CCSM and ex-officio Director of St. Boniface Hospital.

Bobbi Taillefer

Board Member

Bobbi Taillefer is the General Secretary of The Manitoba Teachers’ Society and has held various positions there since 1998. During that time, she worked in all matters of labour relations and bargaining with additional responsibilities for representing Principals, working with French language services, Indigenous Education and Professional issues. Prior to MTS Bobbi was a high school teacher and continued her career as a Vice Principal and Principal in two elementary schools in Winnipeg School Division.

Bobbi holds a Law & Economics Diplôme from l’Université d’ Aix – Marseilles, a Bachelor of Arts -Political Science, a Master of Education - Educational Administration from the University of Manitoba and a Human Resources Certificate from Cornell University , New York as well as certificates (FTMS and ATMS) in governance training.

Bobbi has volunteered extensively on many community initiatives with the Winnipeg Jazz Festival, Canadian Cancer Society and Taking Charge!. She served as President of The Winnipeg Humane Society and currently sits on the Board of Directors of The Canadian Teachers’ Federation and the Leonard Foundation.

Cheyenne Thomas

Board Member

Cheyenne is an Anishinaabe designer, born and raised in Winnipeg and a member of Peguis First Nation. She received her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba. After graduating in 2013, Cheyenne began working on several architectural projects in Indigenous communities across Manitoba.  She currently works with Patrick R. Stewart in Vancouver as well as working freelance on Indigenous projects in Winnipeg.

Rennie Zegalski

Board Member

Rennie Zegalski is a founding member and principal of Capital Commercial Real Estate Services.   He has worked in commercial real estate sales and advisory for over 20 years.  He is very active in the Winnipeg business community, currently serving as chair of the West End Winnipeg Business Improvement Zone; vice-president of the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada and chair of the Winnipeg Santa Parade Committee.   Rennie also serves on the boards of CentreVenture and the St. Boniface Hospital Auxiliary. He is also past chair of the Board of Governors of the University of Manitoba, past chair of the Winnipeg Convention Centre and past-president of the University of Manitoba Alumni Association.  

Sara Stasiuk


Core Business & Activities

The Partnership is involved in certain business and core activities regarding the ownership, development and management of its two sites that include land investment properties and public amenities. The business components have, for the most part, evolved out of the original plans for both sites with certain projects maintained in the portfolio awaiting the future of potential development. The public amenities and services offered by The Partnership and its partners complement the revenue-generating endeavours and form an integral part of the ongoing activities.

The Partnership currently operates the following commercial activities:


  • Union Station, 130-123 Main St.

Parking Facilities

  • Portage Place parkade, 393 Portage Avenue
  • Investors Syndicate parkade, 447 Portage Avenue
  • Place Promenade parkade, P2 level, 400 Webb Place
  • Surface parking at The Forks
  • The Forks parkade

Retail & Historic

  • The Forks Market

Leased Property (lands owned by The Partnership, developments owned and operated by others):

  • North Portage
  • Portage Place Shopping Centre
  • Investors Syndicate Head Office
  • Kiwanis Chateau Seniors' Residence
  • Fred Douglas Seniors' Residence
  • Place Promenade apartment complex
  • ISM computer facility
  • HI Hostel

The Forks Site Tenants

  • Manitoba Theatre for Young People
  • Citytv Studio Facility
  • Travel Manitoba
  • The Forks National Historic Site
  • Johnston Terminal Office and Retail Complex
  • The Inn at the Forks
  • Children's Museum (Kinsmen Building)
  • The Canadian Museum For Human Rights

The Partnership has developed public amenities and external relationships and, in many cases, maintains to enhance the viability and public usage of its sites and the downtown and surrounding neighbourhood.

Public Amenities and Services:

  • Broadway Promenade
  • Historic Rail Bridge
  • CN Stage + Field
  • The Forks Market Plaza
  • The Forks Market Tower
  • The Forks Historic Port
  • The Riverwalk
  • Oodena Celebration Circle
  • Peace Meeting Site
  • Public Art
  • Splash Dash
  • The Plaza at The Forks
  • Niizhoziibean (formerly South Point)
  • The Balance of the Spirit Within
  • The Forks Prairie Garden
  • The Gathering Space (wiigiwam)
  • The Wall Through Time
  • The South Point Douglas bikeway

Programming, Festivals, and Special Events:

  • Arctic Glacier Winter Park 
  • Canada Day
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Manitoba 150 Trails
  • The Winnipeg Foundation Centennial River Trail
  • Warming Huts: An Art and Architecture Competition on Ice

Planning & Development

The Board of Directors of The Forks North Portage Partnership have prepared a vision to guide future enhancements over the next ten years at North Portage and The Forks.

A Public Consultation Program, culminating with a series of open houses, had been established to provide the public with an opportunity to learn about and express their views regarding the vision for these sites.

View our Concept and Financial Plan at  

The culmination of that public consultation process was the development of our Ten Year Concept and Financial Plan. The Partnership completed its last plan and has revealed its current plan Connecting 2020-2030.

The Forks and City of Winnipeg, with the financial support of the Province of Manitoba, have collaborated to develop a 20 year vision for Winnipeg’s riverfront lands extending beyond The Forks.

Go to the Waterfront is the result of the planning initiative which included a series of neighbourhood workshops to develop the vision.

As a river city and a winter city this 20 year vision document identifies strategic locations and potential projects near and along riverfront lands that could transform our city. Click here to view Go to the Waterfront.

Each year, The Partnership creates an Annual Report which highlights the progress we have made during the past year. Click here to view our 2013 Annual Report.

Forks Receives Vision and Planning Award

Public Consultation

As part of our regular operating procedures, The Partnership seeks public opinion and discussion on projects undertaken. Past examples have included The Skateboard Plaza at The Forks, The Inn at the Forks, our 10-year plan Railside and parcel 4 lands and many others.

View our latest 10-year Concept and Financial Plan at

For more information on Railside and Parcel Four please visit

Annual Reports & Financial Statements

Subsidiary financial statements of North Portage Development Corporation are available upon request.

Annual Reports

  • Annual Report - 2005

  • Annual Report - 2006

  • Annual Report - 2007

  • Annual Report - 2008

  • Annual Report - 2009

  • Annual Report - 2010

  • Annual Report - 2011

  • Annual Report - 2012

  • Annual Report - 2013

  • Annual Report - 2014

  • Annual Report - 2015

  • Annual Report - 2016

  • Annual Report - 2017

  • Annual Report - 2018

  • Annual Report - 2019

  • Annual Report - 2020

  • Annual Report - 2021


Financial Statements

  • Consolidated Financial Statements - 2006

  • Consolidated Financial Statements - 2007

  • Consolidated Financial Statements - 2008

  • Consolidated Financial Statements - 2010

  • Consolidated Financial Statements - 2011

  • Consolidated Financial Statements - 2012

  • Consolidated Financial Statements - 2013

  • Consolidated Financial Statements - 2014

  • Consolidated Financial Statements - 2015

  • Consolidated Financial Statements - 2016

  • Consolidated Financial Statements - 2017

  • Consolidated Financial Statements - 2018

  • Consolidated Financial Statements - 2019

  • Consolidated Financial Statements - 2020

  • Consolidated Financial Statements - 2021

  • Consolidated Financial Statements - 2022